Friday, April 6, 2012

My husband always wants to watch sports

Guest post written by Sidney Owens
There comes a time in a marriage where you realize that there is just no way for both of you to watch television together in the same room forever. I realized this about a year and a half in to my marriage. I walked in to the living room one night after dinner to find my husband watching the exact same episode of Sports Center that he had watched earlier that day. I asked him why he was watching the exact same thing and can we watch something else? He let me know that the first time he watched it he may have missed something so he always watches them twice. I was blown away. First of all, how did I not know this and second of all, I married that?! Luckily I got us hooked up with satellite television after finding  online and we have access in virtually every room of the house so I can watch whatever I want from any other room. This is how you keep a peaceful marriage I have decided.

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