Monday, April 30, 2012

Need To Buy New Eye Glasses

This me with my old eye glasses

Its been almost five years that I had my eye glasses with me, It decided to surrender, last week when I accidentally broke the hinge part of it.  My husband bought it for me in 2007,  I was diagnosed with astigmatism ( I just found out last year) and I am also near sighted even when I was a kid.  I think its hereditary, because my father is also like me has a poor eye sight, His case is worse than mine  because he need to wear those kind of eye glasses that when you try it you will get dizzy and you feel like your stomach is gonna be sick.  I'm still lucky I can still be able to do things with out my eye glasses, there just certain things when I really need my eye glasses especially when its night time because I have a poor night vision.  I envy my husband though, he can actually see perfectly in night time or every time its dark he knows what's going on because his got a perfect night vision.  Anyway we are looking online were to buy new eye glasses for me, of course we want cheaper but not cheap quality also.  I found one link about progressive glasses, I am still waiting for my husband if he thinks it is a good quality but I do think they have pretty good eye glasses though and its also affordable.  Now I just need to save some money to be able to buy it I know its not cheap I think it ranges from $100 - $300 not including the eye exam.  Phew! This is the time why I miss the Philippines so much it would probably cost me less than $75 to get a new eye glasses included the eye exam.

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