Tuesday, April 24, 2012

See You Next Year Alaska!

Its been a long time since I updated this blog, that's because I have been working two part time jobs for almost 2 months now.  The last time I blog about my first job here, I was so happy and excited though I know its not gonna be easy for me. Since my first job was a Sales Associate/Cashier at a gas station/convenience store, I was really nervous and scared and at the same time excited to earn dollars for the first time in my life.  They train me for 3 days but I was shock that the training over here is not manually but in the computer you have to watch tons of video and after that there's a test that you have to take and you have to pass 85% out of 100.  First 2 weeks of my job was so stressful, I was thinking I can't do it, I want to quit already.  Its not helping that my schedule in my second job was conflicting with my first job, so my manager was having a hard time to give me longer hours.  It was last week when I find out that my manager did not give me any schedule so I think he doesn't want me to work there anymore.  I called him and he said the reason was I'm not good enough to work alone especially on weekends, they want me to work alone on a weekend where the store is pack and the line is never ending.  It is really crazy, there's one new hire an American girl, she quit just after 3 days of training she said the job is just so overwhelming, she can't do it. I did not question the decision of my manager, because I feel its a relief that I don't have to work over there anymore though I'm gonna miss seeing the money in my bank account every Friday heheh.  I think maybe the job is not really for me.

 Right now I have only one job for the moment,  I am still a Sales Associate but not in a convenience store thank God I am working in one of the clothing/department store here in Jacksonville Beach.  I like it because its not that stressful and they train me really well.  The thing that I like also is I learn a lot, my first 2 weeks of training is they teach me how to be a sales associate in  home department, and right now they are training me in the backroom, processing  all the merchandise for the delivery of that day.  But for right now I am still a trainee until 2nd week of May.  I am hoping that they will like my performance and I will pass my 45 days of training.  The original plan for me was to work in Alaska this whole summer with my husband, but obviously I have a job right now I want to keep it and give it a try first.  I know its gonna be more hard for me to work in Alaska because of the weather and the kind of work over there.  I was planning to buy a car for me after I work in Alaska but Its not gonna happen for now.  I have a filipina friend also who wants to work in Alaska, like me she also got the job already but we have to cancel  the offer for now, because I already found a job here in Jacksonville, and my friend and her husband  moved to California right now due to her husband's job assignments.  She was planning to buy a car also but shes not sure yet if she want's to have a loan or not, she said she found some  advertisement about car title loans and wants to check it first if its a good deal.

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