Friday, May 18, 2012

Eye Exam Experience

Last week we went to see a doctor for my eye exam. At first we were hesitating to go because we know its gonna cost us a lot, and money is so tight right now that we can afford another spending. But my husband was determined to bite the bullet because I really need a new eye glasses and before I can buy one I need to do eye exam first. I blog about it before in my other post, you can check it again here. Anyway my 5 year old eye glasses was broken and we tried to fix it but sad to say its finally serve its purpose for years of wearing it since 2007 back when I was still in the Philippines. We went to the "Eye Doctor" just next to Publix here in Jacksonville, it was a good thing we went there because the doctor was nice and he is very professional, he did do a lot of test to my eyes with different machine that I forgot what it is called, it took one hour for the eye exam alone. After the exam he told me the result was perfect, I am healthy thank God, the doctor joke "there is no problem with my eyes only I can't see" LOL because I really need eye glasses so bad. He also added that it happens more to woman than man, he said they studied what is the cause for having a near sighted eye sight and they really can't find any answers, he even said that his wife has the same problem.

My prescription

So after the exam, they showed me to the other optometrist who is going to make my eye glasses.  Part of his job is to help me to choose what eye glasses is right for me. We were having a good time looking at the frames they have, they had a lot to choose that I was having a hard time deciding. They had one I like but when I saw the price of my gosh it was $500 just the frames. Anyhow after an hour I finally found what to get, perfect for my eye and the price is not that bad, not so cheap but not that expensive also: "as was the doctor says:" it is cheaper but very good quality.  So he said I can get my new eye glasses after one and a half week, they will give us a call so that I can try my new eye glasses. I hope I'm not going to regret getting my eye glasses from them because its not cheap its cost us almost $600 including the $120 eye exam of course we don't have insurance so that did not help also. I was dizzy when the doctor told me that price LOL, I told my husband why don't we try shopping online first, like the zenni eye glasses I read a lot of good reviews about it and its so affordable too. Anyway I am excited to try my new eye glasses, hoping for their call next week . I will post a picture and make a blog about it when its done.

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