Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facial Scrub For Men

You don't have to be as ridiculous as this old 1970's ad for Bacchus Cologne when it comes to face care but you certainly can't neglect it either.  When one thinks of facial scrub you usually think of women in green goop masks with cucumbers over their eyes whilst in the spa or some such nonsense but for men it is equally important that we have our own facial scrub routine.  Even if you don't get pimples your pores will love you if you incorporate a regimen of washing your face.

The best time to go about doing this is before you shave.  Now I know for many men out there your shaving routine is all inclusive of foaming some shave cream in your hand, smearing it on your face and then scraping it off with whatever disposable razor is at hand. Worse yet is those of you who choose to mow your face every morning with an electric shaver which does nothing but dry out your skin horribly.  There's much to be said about the old hot towel and soap & brush way of shaving.  It doesn't dry out your skin like modern shaving creams and electric razors do and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.  Failing in that though, you can always make use of a facial scrub that does the job and if you shave in the classic manner, performing a facial scrub beforehand ensures that your skin an beard are well prepared for you shaving. 

Incidentally, the artwork for this ad was done by Mort Kunstler, you may know him best as an accomplished historical artist who focuses on Civil War prints.

The is a sponsored post for the Art of Shaving, however, the views and opinions are my own.

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