Thursday, May 17, 2012

Finally Went To DMV (To Get My State Id)

Receipts from DMV
 Yesterday my husband finally took me to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to get me my state id,  I have been waiting for so long to do this, put we  keep putting it out until yesterday.  When we got there its already one in the afternoon, so my husband was expecting it to be full, but we were happy to see its just dozen's of people waiting for their number to be called.  Good thing they have a plasma TV over there to keep us entertain while waiting for our turn, my husband says  its a flat screen tv though.  Anyhow after a couple of minutes its finally my turn, so I went to the counter where my number called, I give all my documents which is my green card, social security card, statement of accounts and some post mail from the USCIS.  We wait for a couple of minutes again while she check my documents and enter my information on her computer and after that she told me that it will take thirty days for my state id to arrive in the mail, and I said wow okay that's fine, I think I don't have any choice, though we were expecting that I get my Id on the same day.  Maybe its varies on a state, because my husband says when he is still in Maryland the processing took a day and you can get your Id on the same day.

Anyhow State Id is important for Immigrants like me, because you need it to set up bank accounts, though I was lucky the bank did not us for state Id that time when my husband wants to add my name in his bank account.  Also when you apply for a job they will ask if you have a  driver's license or a state Id.  So its very important especially to those who are in a K1 visa (non-immigrant) because they have to do Adjustment of Status first before they can have their green card, so they don't have any legal or should I say proper Identification card.  Anyhow I paid $36.25 for my state id, including the service fee of $6.25 and if you pay with your debit or credit card they will charge you $2.00 fee and no fee if you pay with your check.  If you want to get your state id just visit this site DMV.

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