Saturday, May 26, 2012

Got My State Id!

Image from DMV

On my last post I talk about going to DMV to get my State Id.  Well I got it and it was so fast not even thirty days as what the dmv said, it only took one week from the day I applied.  Now that I have my State Id I feel like I'm really a legal resident now in Florida lol.  Anyhow state id is the next important Identification that you need to have next to your green card and Social Security card if you are a new immigrant.  I remember when I was still attending my English class that time, it was in a public library here in our place and one thing that our teacher required is to get a library identification card.  And I was having a hard time to get one because they were so strict, they don't want to give me a library ID unless I have a state id, even though I show them my permanent resident card (green card) and Social Security  card. Also if you want to open a bank account over here, the first requirement beside your green card is state id or drivers license, so its very important to get a state id or driver's license (if you know how to drive and pass the road test).
My state Id!!

Its a good thing I keep bugging my husband to go and get my state id.  The hardest thing to live over here is if you don't know how to drive, you are stuck in your house everyday of your life until you learn how to drive and  your just gonna end up always relying to your husband to drive you everywhere you wanna go.  So I'm really hoping that before the year ends my husband will be able to teach me how to drive, though he insist that I should enroll to a driving school because he thinks that his going to be to stress and he knows that I am too stubborn lol, that's why he doesn't want to teach me how to drive.  I don't know if I can do it, its scaring me to drive especially in the high way when the road is huge and there's a lot of traffic light.  This is my next challenge to myself if I pass the road test this year, that's gonna be my greatest achievement in my life here in the USA.  Okay folks, nice to get back to writing again, please excuse my grammar as my editor (my husband) is in Alaska working right now so please bear with my English :)

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