Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Package Finally Came!

My package from Forever 21
My new addition to my girly stuff :)

 My package finally came yesterday after one week of waiting for it to arrive.  I was searching online about affordable make up and found the website "Forever 21".  They have a lot of interesting stuff like cosmetics, clothing, and many more.  I bought some make ups like my ever favorite eye shadows for only $2.50, pressed powder for $6.80, a cute dress for $13.50 and some more girly stuff .  Good thing I found a promotion code (coupon) online that saves me 10% and free shipping also.  I was so happy, my patience paid off because I only paid a total of $48.81: my total was supposed to be $59.88 including the shipping, so I saved more than 10 bucks thanks to the coupon online!  I wish they will have a clearance sale soon, I love their products its cheap but good quality like the shirt I got its only $5.99 but not made in china lol.  I was thinking of giving that shirt to my niece in the Philippines because its a little bit small for me and I will also give some of the make up I collected through the months I got here .  I know its the best gifts for a girl.  Hopelly I will never regret buying their make ups, will my husband says if I end up not liking it its kinda okay because its very cheap compare to the some cosmetics that I bought like the L'Oreal foundation I spend $13 for it and I end up not using it.  Oh well maybe I will just put them in the balikbayan box together with all the stuff I collected and send it on Christmas to the Philippines I bet my family and relatives will be happy with it.

take a look I save $11 thanks for the online coupon!!

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