Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Gardening

One of my flowers in the porch.

Last week  me and my husband went to a garden store just a couple miles to our house.  If you've been following my blog we have a swimming pool that we turn into a pond. We throw some fishes into it, and until right now I'm so happy to say that there's still swimming and there getting big, so it means the water is clean enough for them to survive. One thing we need is water lilies for the pond, this garden store that we went to has a lot to offer, they have everything you need when you want a garden or a fish pond and they are more cheaper than Lowes.  They did have a lot of lilies but we end up buying some plants and flowers and some pots too.  One plant that I bought is some kind of red plants, and some tulip flowers.  I hope it will really survive once we replanted it in another bigger pot.  Right now our porch does look good because I put all the plants and flowers to make it look livelier and it smells good too because of all the flowers blooming this spring.  And I also bought some snake plants, though I was having second thought of buying it because it was not cheap compare to the Philippines price of course what do I expect lol.  In the Philippines you can just get it everywhere for free, I even have a lot of it growing enormous in my Mom's garden.  Now that my husband is going to Alaska to work for the summer, its my responsibility to take care of the house and everything his taking care of while he was still here.  I just hope I can be able to take care between the ponds and my plants together while I'm working.  I guess I just need to multitask and manage my time very well.

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