Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thinking Of Having A Business Online

A lot of my friends right now has a business online,  some of them sells stuff on eBay, while others have their own website:  they sell a lot of merchandise like clothing, shoes, and many more.  I was thinking of doing the same thing also while I'm still looking for a second job, I wanted to try having a business online, and I'm thinking selling Avon products because my friend say's she earn something plus you have a discount as  a dealer.  Before I can do all of this I need a website first and I wonder how much its gonna cost me, good thing my friend found this link about building a website called ecommerce services, they not just build your website but they also do full range like internet marketing and may more to help you start with your business online.
While I was searching online about beauty products, you know I do search online first what is the best make up or cosmetics that is good for me, I always bump into this l'occitane stuff, this is what I found that it is a beauty product based in France, they used authentic and natural ingredients basically its organic.  I can't wait to try this stuff, I love everything that's organic.  Now I only have to research which l'occitane store sells the affordable and genuine products.  I am still confused what to used for my make up and skin care over here, as you all know I just came here 6 months ago, I already tried drugstore brand to not so cheap brand like Elizabeth Arden but I still can't say that its worth the penny I spend. I guess I will have to try and try again until I found the one that's good and works for me.

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