Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm Sluggard

The Land of the Rising Sun "Alaska"
Its been almost a month since my husband left for Alaska to work again for the salmon season this year, his been doing this job since 2007, that time we were still living in the Philippines. I remember how hard it was for me before, every time he has to leave me again to work in Alaska for a few months, then where not going to see each other for four months or more. I always have sleepless night that time, you know the feeling when you're so used to seeing your husband and suddenly you just found your self sleeping alone in your bed it was so sad. Now its different in some way because I am already here in the USA though I still miss him so much, I must admit I couldn't sleep well every night I ended up staying late because I just can't fall asleep I don't know why I must be nocturnal now. I thought I'm not going to miss him that bad while his gone because we've been together for seven months now from more than a year of separation, while I'm still in the Philippines waiting for my visa and him in Florida. And not to mention that I have a job now to keep me occupied but that did not keep me from missing my husband I hope August will come so fast, it just  feels like forever for me. I just wish that we can text each other when his there working but its impossible when the cannery that he is working  is in the province of the province (Dillingham) meaning there's no cellphone connection.  However we email each other every day and he calls me on the land-line once a week that's basically our communication, he can't afford to call me every day because it is long distance call from Alaska. Anyhow I will just put in my mind what my husband told me every time I fell bad,  that when he comes back maybe we can finally buy that house that we like in downtown Jacksonville. I really hope we can get that house, it's not a big house but it has a big yard and it has a lot of potential, it's an old house built in 1939 and yes my husband loves old houses. At first when my husband showed the picture of the house I was not really impress but when we take a look at  the house, wow  I did like the house! I feel some connection already, like I was having a déjà vu, it was a weird feeling. So I keep my fingers cross for this house and I pray that God will guide us through buying this house that it is really meant for us. And maybe we can start making a family in that house soon. Okay my bed is calling me, its gonna be a long day again.  See you folks!!toilet seat risers

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