Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Tropical Storm Hit US Again

Debbie's damage in the west side. (picture not mine)
For the last two days, it rained like you will not believe over here in Jacksonville, its because we had another tropical storm (Debbie) that hit Florida. It just a month passed since we got hit by the tropical storm Beryl also and now here's another one.  If you ask me which is worse, I think there both dangerous, Beryl brought us few bands of rain with a lot of gusty winds, it was so windy I was so scared the trees are gonna start to fall on our roof because we have a lot of old oaks trees here in our neighborhood  but good thing it did not.  Debbie on the other hand give us a a lot of heavy rains, and it rained non stop for two days, it was flooding in some areas especially in the west side and in the beaches part of Jacksonville.  We did lose the power for a few minutes the other night also, but so far it didn't flood in our place, its unbelievable that it didn't flood here in our neighborhood because we estimated we had fifteen inches of rain, my father in law said its because we sandy soil over here that's why.  I was thinking if this was happening in the Philippines, its gonna be a major flooding and not to mention landslides in the provinces, of course our forest is almost bald over there because of the illegal logging.  While here in the states, they have lots of trees, its kinda weird even though you are in downtown area where there's lot of malls and establishments there is still a lot of trees and nature.  I only hope we can do like this also in the Philippines, so that there's no more flooding.
Flooding in Orange Park (picture not mine)
gator survived lol (Picture not mine)

Anyhow, Debbie was downgraded to a tropical depression last night, and even though its still a little gloomy outside, it stop raining already, thank God for that.  And because of the bands of rain we had for two days now, we even couldn't go outside to get our mail in our outdoor mailboxesWe are just thankful that its not a hurricane, I hope it will never happen over here, though they say if you live in Florida of course its inevitable.  I did not experience any calamities in the Philippines, the worst thing was the flooding last year, and it was because of the canal was full of garbage so the water overflowed to the roads and to our house. I am just happy that I wake up this morning and I can finally see the streets dried and its so nice to see the residential mailboxes in our neighborhood is still standing after the storm. womens motorcycle jackets

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