Friday, June 29, 2012

Bye Bye Rain

Its been already pretty hot again here in Jacksonville, to think that a tropical storm "Debbie" had hit us and leave a lot of cities in Florida flooded.  Were pretty lucky were not affected by the flood  but unfortunately it did flood in Jax beach where I work though, to the point that the bathroom got stuck up and flooded the store, it was a pretty mess but its okay now and back to business again.  Anyhow two weeks ago, we had a visitor from New Jersey, he is the best friend of my father in law.  He is a very cool guy, like's to joke a lot.  I think my father in law was having a good time with him, as what he said they did not see each other for many years so the result was a never ending talking in our porch with a scotch and a lot of laugh.  Its just too bad my husband is not here to meet this guy, he is also his Godfather.  This guy is very funny, I think he acts and jokes like a Filipino its weird but his a cool guy.  He likes to play golf too, that's his past time hobby.  He even mention that he has a gps golf, how cool is that.  Anyway he is moving to Palm Beach so its not that far from here, maybe we can visit him when my husband comes back from Alaska. 

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