Friday, June 22, 2012

I Wish I Had A Car

I almost got a second job but they want me to have a drivers license and have my own car, duh that's why I was trying to get a second job so that I can afford to buy my own car in the near future.  Anyway I had a job interview last week, it turns out pretty well, I can feel she likes me (because I'm Filipina maybe) and she was a nice person too I think.  Its too bad it didn't work out because its just very close to where I work right now, anyway she told me if ever I can get my drivers license this year, that shes still willing to hire me.  Right now I'm still trying to have a second job because the company that I work right now doesn't give me a lot of hours anymore, I mean its still something compare to nothing but I wanted to work like eight hours a day so that I can have a nice full pay check every Friday.   This is were I miss working at Kangaroo though the job their is so stressful at least my manager was giving me almost forty hours a week.  Well I didn't regret my decision to quit over there because its just too much for a newbie like me.  My plan is to have my drivers license soon but first thing first is I have to learn how to drive.  I am still nervous of doing it because I don't have any experience in driving, well if you consider driving a bicycle, well I'm good with that.  I really have to bug my husband to teach me how to drive, even though I don't have any idea about the parts of the cars like transmission, steering wheel or v belts everytime my husband is trying to explain to me that I go crazy lol.

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  1. SAme here sis...Most of the jobs here required driving license which I don't have and a US experienced as well...hmmmmpppp.. :) God will give us a work that is best for us sis... :)


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