Friday, June 22, 2012

Its Officially Summer!

Wow time is so fast, I remember when I arrived here last November it was still winter that time, I couldn't believe how cold it gets over here in Florida until I experience it.  Now that its summer, its getting very hot again its like I'm in the Philippines minus the swampyness (humid).  It gets humid here too don't get me wrong  but thank God not like in my country.  I just wish my husband is here with me so that we could go to the beach and have fun.  Oh well my father in law said he will take me to the beach soon, we were planning it the other day but end up canceling it because his old time friend is coming to visit us from New Jersey.  I remember when we were young, me and my siblings usually go to my grandmother's house and play in her big backyard with a swing on a tree.  That is a priceless memory I will never forget until I get old, I so loved that house too bad its gone now.  Anyway I wish I can buy a swing or hammock over here that would be nice, to relax on a swing after a tired days of work.  I saw one online swing sets richmond va maybe I will wait till we have our own house.

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