Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miss Talking To My Family

It has been a long time since I call my family in the Philippines, though we send text messages from time to time its still feels good to hear their voices and laughs.  I really miss them, especially my five years old nephew if only I can afford to call them everyday it would be so good. Anyhow I used Skype to call them but its not free because my Mom doesn't have computer yet so I'm calling them in their cellphones.  And Skype is the cheapest I can find to call them, so far I'm happy with it because the connection is clear.  One time I was so frustrated when I was talking to them on skype but they can't hear me, it turns out that I did not plug the mic lol, its because there's a lot of cable here in my husband's computer so I don't know which is for the video or for the microphone duh.   Anyway my next project is to buy my family a computer so that we can just talk everyday and I don't have to do a long distance call every time I want to call them.  But I have to work hard first, hopely I can find a second job that would be great.

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