Thursday, June 21, 2012

Very Proud of Pacquiao

I was so devastated with Pacquiao and Bradley last fight, I know I'm not alone a lot of Filipino in fact all the people around the world are  shocked and dissapointed with the judges decision.  I was really confident that Manny will end up winning, though he didn't do enough damage to his opponent, he throw more good punches than Bradley.  As Pacquiao said "to be honest  I don't think he hurt me with one punch", it was to obvious that something fishy is going on, some says the judges hold grudges against Manny with the gay marriage thing, or Bradley was paying the judges under the table or worse that is already a laid out plan to have Manny Pacquiao lose so that they can have a rematch and of course its money were talking about.  Whatever the reason behind all of this,  Pacquiao remains humble, he didn't even criticized the judges decision he believes its God's plan, that's what I love about Manny his always down to earth person and very humble.  If only I could give Manny a custom engraved plaques put his name on it for being the best and  humble boxer of the world.

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