Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Chocolates?

Cacao pods (ripe) Picture not mine. 
When I first saw the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it became my favorite right away, of course because its all about candies and chocolate, it was funny I remember my three year old nephew that time was hook too, he was watching it again and again because he loves sweets too.  But did you know that chocolate was made from cacao beans?  I know a lot of people knows it already but I didn't know that it was made form cacao beans until my husband told me.  Anyhow when I was young I remember my mother had a plant called cacao tree, and the seeds are encased in a colorful pod (cacao beans).  It is like a fruit as far as I remember because we ate it before, when its ripe and its ready to eat, but we save the seeds, crush it and ground it to make it as a "tabliya" or native chocolate its our own version of chocolate but is very pure and strong it has no sugar so its very bitter but the smell is very delicious its really like a pure dark chocolate. We usually used our own version of chocolate when were making porridge, oh it was so delicious, its good to eat "champorado" (as what we call it in the Philippines) when its rainy season, that's what we usually do before, my mother always makes a hot champorado for us siblings every afternoon after school.  These was a memorable moment for me, I will really cherished it.  I don't know if they still have cacao tree in the Philippines, I didn't see any since that time we had one in our backyard, and I think I'm still six years old that time.

My husband is also a chocoholic like me, when was still in the Philippines while my husband was here working (Alaska), he always bought boxes of chocolates to bring with him, and in different kinds of flavors too like dark, very dark, with milk and etc.  No wonder I gain so much weight since I meet him because he always feed me with chocolates.  In fact when he went to visit the Philippines to ask my Father for my hand in marriage, he did give a big box full of chocolates and a Jack Daniel whiskey.  I fall in loved with  that chocolate, it was my first time to try chocolates from Europe, it was a big hit for my family and relatives too.  Now I'm craving for some chocolate and I want the one from Europe again, its a good thing I saw this website  chocolate corporate gift  they have mouth watering choices, I just hope I can afford it though.  From the meantime I will just gonna be patient with the chocolates I can buy at the groceries for right now, but when my husband get back from Alaska, I will definitely ask him to buy some for me..

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