Saturday, July 28, 2012

Advantage in Working at Retail

It was a long day at work today, I just got home from working six hours, I was supposed to work till 8 pm only but my manager ask me to stay till close which is 10 pm, which I said yes because I can used the extra cash.  So I tried to send a text message to my father in law (his driving me to work), but he was already there ready to pick me up, so he didn't have a choice but to go back home for the reason that I don't want him to wait for an hour until we closed.  I was really ashamed of what happen, its a good thing my father in law is just a cool guy.  We owe a lot to him, thank God for my father in law.  Anyhow I work in retail, I am on home and domestics department and sometimes they put me to help on the backroom on truck days.  Retail job is not fun, it gets crazy everyday that's why I love working in the backroom doing trucks, though it gets very physical when you're working over there, but I love it because, you get a lot of job done, I mean variety of job like: lay outing clothes, hanging and put tags on the clothes and shoes plus you get to see the merchandise first before it is out on the salesfloor, that's the only advantage if you work at retail.  Oh we also get 10% associate discounts and 20 % every quarter.  Thus I love my job, oh I found a cute blouse that I'm planning to buy tomorrow, its very cute I love the design though when I check the ticket it says Maternity Tops, oh well I think I really have to start losing some weight, I don't want to wear maternity tops when I'm not pregnant hahha. 


  1. Oh my!!! The advantages! YES....I went stockroom shopping many times lol....oops! Of course when the new items get put on the floor, I look at them too, so there went 20% of my paycheck each week. Glad you see some of the advantages over the disadvantages like I tried to do each week. I really need to lose weight too because I get comments like "you're having a baby!" etc. Drives me nuts! lol.

    1. Thanks Terry, yes I tried to look at the brighter side while I'm working lol. Even though I love it when they give me extra hrs, but gosh its so tiring and overwhelming specially if you're working on the sales floor, 4-5 hrs is enough for me. Yes on aug. 7th- 8th is the 20% Associate discount again and tax free too, oh my I hope i still have some money left lol.


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