Friday, July 6, 2012

Anything Vintage

My husbands loves anything vintage, from vintage recipes to vintage cars and vintage furniture, name it, as long as its vintage he loves it.  He even have a blog called "The Vintage Recipe Blog",  when I was still in the Philippines I didn't know anything about vintage.  Anyhow we are so excited to move to the house were planning to buy soon, we're crossing our fingers that it still on the market come August or September when my husband gets back from Alaska.  We have a lot of plan in that house already, it has a big yard so we're thinking of making a pond or a garden.  And my husband want's to repair the old cabinets in the kitchen and make it as vintage kitchen cabinets.  I know we are expecting a lot right now, but dreaming is free lol.  Anyhow we will  see in the fulfillment of time.  I owe everything up to God, all my dreams and aspirations.  Thy will be done oh Lord...

The kitchen cabinets in that house.

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  1. it's true. We owe everything to God. I hope you will achieve your dreams/wish someday.


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