Monday, July 2, 2012

Bathroom Upgrade

The bathroom in that house that were planning to buy.
We are planning to move to another house as soon as my husband gets back from Alaska, and we found a house already that we've been eying on since May. It is located at the Trout River in downtown Jacksonville, which is twenty four miles away from where we live right now.  I hope and pray that we will get that house and its still in the market until August or mid September when my husband gets back from working in AK.  We already fall in love in that house, the neighborhood is not that bad although I see a couples of blacks hanging around the streets and looks like there not up to no good but as my husbands says that's the chance we take right now.  The inside of the house reminds me of the old Spanish houses in the Philippines, maybe that's why I like that house it has 3 bedrooms, spacious living room and dining room but the kitchen is kinda small and there's just one bathroom.  Although the bathroom has a bathtub but it is next to the toilet bowl because the bathroom doesn't have a lot of space, so I told my husband if we buy that house, the bathroom really needs remodeling or upgrading.  So I start researching online and found bathroom remodeling .  And it gives me a lot of idea already on what to do on our bathroom soon.  In the fulfillment of time we will see... Hope everybody's having a good day, and I will see you again, have to get ready to work and I am gonna closed tonight hmmm. Have a blessed day y'all!


  1. Venice, you'll have to learn that all blacks are not bad, in fact, many of them are nice. Don't learn negative stuff like that about racism in the US. Everyone is equal! :) Racism doesn't help us in the world, it only causes no good. Just had to say it since some people get so angry about certain races.

  2. Yup I know! in fact I have a lot of African American co-workers and even my supervisor also but they are nice and act like a normal human being and. When I say black it means the one who acts like n****rs you know what I mean, even worse acts like a ghetto. Sorry if you think I'm a racist but I'm not! Just saying the truth!

  3. Racisim doesn't help, I agree... ever notice that the biggest racists today are the blacks themselves? There's being a bigot and then there's being aware of your surroundings. It's funny how the people who are quickest to call "Racisim" live the furthest from the black areas of town.


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