Thursday, July 5, 2012

Convenient Reading

Got a new Nook from my father in-law.

When I was a kid, I like reading especially the books that has illustration, I think all the kids do. But anyhow my late grandmother always tells me to read the newspapers or anything that makes your brain active.  We can't afford to buy books before even though we have books from the school we have to share it with our seatmate because its just limited so I ended up reading some old comics.  When I was in high school I stop reading books or shall I say I'm so lazy to read, not until I meet my husband that I go back to reading again.  My husband is a bookworm, he loves to read in fact we still have a lots of books in the Philippines that we can't bring with us here in the states.

My Nook!

Today in our world, there's a lot of new technologies that makes reading easy and very convenient, like Kindle Fire from Amazon and Nook from Barnes and Nobles.  My father in-law is techie guy,  he got a Nook that he got from Ebay then he bought a new one then he decided to give his old nook to my husband.  We got hook with it, we love it because you can just download thousands of book you want from the internet to your nook.  When my husband left to work in Alaska, he brought with him his nook, that time I was still reading the Twilight series.  But last month I was so surprised because dad (father in-law) got me a new nook so that I won't be bored and I will not waste my time on FB playing games lol.  I was so happy and very thankful to dad, he said that its his gift for our wedding anniversary.  I love my nook, it is black and white so it doesn't strain your eyes, I hope the computers monitors  is like that too so it doesn't hurts your eyes .  Now I'm thinking what to read next, because I'm done reading the Breaking Dawn.  How about you, do you like to read? What are you reading right now?

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  1. I'm currently reading Fifty Shades of Gray books (3 of them), which are very popular right now. I also liked the books: Something Borrowed, Something Blue - romance books (Something Blue is the sequel to Something Borrowed).


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