Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us!

My Anniversary card from husband.

Wow I can't believed that its been five years since I married my husband.  It seems like just yesterday I was preparing to walk down the aisle to say "I do".  Yes its our fifth wedding anniversary last Tuesday (July 10), though my husband was not here to celebrate with me, he called me on the phone and we talk for more than an hour that I was late for work lol.  My husband works every summer in Alaska, so his not around every time its our wedding anniversary, I know its sad but its for our future so its okay.  This is the fifth year that my husband was away in our anniversary, but I think this time is the hardest because I am here in the US and I feel so lonely maybe because when I was still in the Philippines I have my family and friends with me so I'm not that sad as compare over here.  Anyhow my husband said we are going to celebrate our anniversary in November 14th; our meeting anniversary, its gonna be our six year since we meet last 2006 in a social site "Myspace".  I told my husband if possible I want to renew our vows too in November, I just hope I brought with me my wedding dress, well maybe its gonna be to small for me now as I gained a lot of weight since then.  I don't wanna wear a plus sized wedding dresses.

Its been 5 years since I wear this rings.

Husband sent me a card and a letter for our anniversary, and everything he said made me cried lol.  My husband is not showy, his a type of guy that doesn't show his emotion, he said Capricorn is like that. And I also send him card with a long letter, he said I touch his heart with my letter and that he can't wait to be in my arms again and so am I.  I really miss him so much, oh well six weeks more to go, and we'll be together again.  And hopely we can move to the house that were planning to buy, that would be the greatest gift for our anniversary.  God bless us...

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