Thursday, July 5, 2012

Looking Fab This Rainy Season

I love this boot!

It is summer already, but sometimes I can't help but wonder if the summer here in the states is really like this, because here in Jacksonville sometimes its so hot with no breeze at all like today, its very hot and humid but last week we just got drenched by the tropical storm Debbie.  I'm not looking forward for another tropical storm again, I rather be hot and sweaty than to have bands of rain and flooding, though we our lucky because it didn't flood at our place.  Anyhow I was thinking of buying a rain boots, just to be prepare if we get hammered again by another tropical storm, (hopely not knock on wood) I mean it is possible over here in Florida.  In that I search online about rain boots and I found this rain boot style guide, where they have a collection of rain boots for you to choose from.  I like this cute saying I got from the website saying Hunter Wellies are sure to make you stand out on those days where the sky is as grey as the city sidewalk. If you have to go out in the rain, be sure to get a pair here!  Therefore if you are living in Florida be prepare and get your self a rain gear or rain boots, considering we can never predict the weather over here.  I only wish I can afford some of there boots, its not cheap but its good quality and very stylish. Anyhow I need to work hard to be able to afford all of this.

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