Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Heat

My new Michael Kors shade I love it!
Phew! Its so hot today, I feel like I'm in the Philippines, its 97 F right now. Its not just hot here in Jacksonville, it also gets very humid even in the morning and sometimes we had some downpour too.  My father in law says this is a typical summer time in Florida, it gets hot and very humid with a little bit of rain showers.  Anyhow when I'm still in my home country, I never like to wear shades even though its also so hot the whole year over there, of course its the tropics, its because I'm too embarrassed with my big nose lol.  But since I got here, I started wearing shades because its to hot and my eyes tend to get so dry and sensitive when I'm outdoor.  Its also protection for my eyes, so I don't care if I don't look good wearing shades.
My new shades

Two weeks ago I just bought a Michael Kors Shades, for only $25 in Stein Mart.  I know its a high-end brand, but I'm not sure if this is just a replica or not, all I know is that I love wearing it and it is definitely good quality than my old shades that I bought for $10 in Marshalls.  I know its cheap so the quality is cheap also.  My husband always tells me, "if you buy cheap you get cheap"lol.  My next plan is to buy a new michael kors watch for me, hence my old wristwatch needs to be replace, its still doing its job but the strap is broken and for whatever reason I can't find a replacement over here.  So that why I thought maybe I need to buy a new one.  Yay tomorrow is payday Friday again!  Happy weekend everybody!!

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