Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A History of Weddings

A Brief History of Weddings |

 I remember our wedding 5 years ago.  It could have been a complete disaster but for the perseverance and fortitude of my fiancee.  See, we were getting married in the Philippines which is a horse of a different color compared to getting married in the US.  It took us some time to find a hall to do the reception and food and because we had a Catholic wedding there was all the requirements to be met for the church.  In the end everything came together for a most memorable day that marked the beginning of a journey together for the rest of our lives.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Other Side of the Equation

It's not too often you get to hear from the husband on this blog anymore.  If you remember, I used to write the articles about the vintage ads, but I have my own blog now where I do most of my writing.  Over the summer I worked in Alaska as I have been doing for the past 5 years now but with one major difference, my wife was in the states this time unlike before when she was in the Philippines with her family.  Originally she was supposed to come up to Alaska and work in the same cannery as I do, but she got her job at Marshall's earlier this year and after talking it over we decided it was best for her to just stay in Florida while I went to work.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Plan of Moving

Sorry if I did not post any article lately, its because my husband just arrived from working in Alaska.  Yes finally were back in each other arms again.  It feels so good to be with my husband and not to worry that we will be apart again, well not until next salmon season.  Anyhow my husband said that they did not have a good season this year, there's not a lot of fish this time compare last year.  But we are still so thankful to God, at least my husband job is still stable though its a seasonal, its a big help for us.  In my last article I mention about us buying a house, but I think its not a good time for us now to buy a house yet.  Last May we did look a house in Panama Park, and where just waiting till August come so we can gather the deposit but the house is already off the market, we are really frustrated because we really like that house so much.  So we are planning to just rent an apartment first for a year or so, in that way we have ample time to prepare collecting things that we need before moving to a house, like furniture and stuff.  We are looking to move in Riverside (downtown Jacksonville), its a very desirable place to live.

My husband always check Craigslist everyday to see if there's a new apartment that we're gonna like and so he found this one bedroom apartment in Riverside at $595/mo., this is a good price for an apartment, we did go and we see the apartment yesterday, and indeed the place is very nice and clean, the houses over there are like Spanish houses it reminds me of the houses of the rich people in the Philippines.  The only problem I see is the apartment is kinda old so it needs a little TLC, especially the windows.  Its a good thing I found out about this ICF, I get a lot of ideas how to repair some damage of the apartment that me and my husband can do by ourselves, so that we don't have to hire anyone to do it and spend a fortune.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Online Budget Tools

I recently joined a Facebook group couponers,  I was happy to be a part of this group, and excited to learn more about couponing.   I was curious how they got their stuff almost free, and I found out its because they used coupon every time they shop.  Basically they buy Sunday newspaper and that's how they get their coupons and there's also an insert like a catalog from kohls, red plum, smart source where you can find more savings and deals.  I am just starting to do this stuff and I still not that good with it.  Coupons are a big help especially if you live here in the states, because everything is expensive over here.  Even though I am starting to use coupons everytime I shop, I still have to watch my budget, for example my budget for food is $50 per week (just me) and for my shopping (clothes, shoes etc) is $100/ month, but I must admit I took advantage of the no tax last week and spend almost $300 in just one week.  It is so hard to stick to a budget , I know I suck when it comes to budgeting.
So happy I stick with my budget LOL

I really need a budget tools, its a good thing I found this budgeting software online.  Its a handy little accounting tool like mint but good for consolidation of finances and accounting services for small business.  If you need an online budgeting tools or bookkeeping software this tools is perfect for you.  These are the two important things that I learned when it comes to budgeting, use coupons when you shop and having an online budget software so I don't get scolded again by my husband if I get over budget with my shopping. I'm really glad I know how to budget our money now, with the help of this stuff.  How about you?  Do you have some budgeting tips? 

Friday, August 10, 2012

My Ube (Purple Yam) Ice Cream Craving

I've been craving for ice cream for the past days, but I want a different flavor, this time I wanted some ube (purple yam) ice cream that only I can find in my home country.  I love their ice cream over here too don't get me wrong, but sometimes its just too sweet for me, and though they have a lot of varieties and flavors nothing beats the Ice Cream made from my country.  Anyhow these are my favorite flavor over here: buttermilk pecan, mint, peach cobbler, vanilla and of course chocolate.  Despite the fact that I love the ice cream over here, I still crave ice cream that made from the Philippines.  Its a good thing I found one and I was amazed they have it over here, Magnolia Ube ice cream, I know this is so hard to find even in other Asian Market you can't find this one.  I am lucky we are surrounded by a lot of Filipino/Asian Market here in Jacksonville so I can still buy some Filipino food (yes we have like a carenderia/market here) and Filipino products.  There's just one thing that I can't seem to find and its a "tabo" (deeper) lol, I really wanted to buy one, although we don't used bucket bath over here, I still miss having a tabo, I hope I can find one soon.
My $10 ube ice cream lol

Anyhow I was so happy I found me some Ube Ice Cream, albeit its very expensive ($10) I still enjoy it makes me feel that I'm just home away form home. I'm saving some for my husband, hopely he will be here in 2 weeks, if not I dunno if I can resist not eating all of it lol.  Yes my husband is coming home soon, but there's no exact date yet it really depends on his boss, though we know its gonna be soon (maybe 2 weeks more or less) because its the end of the salmon season today, as they stop buying fish already.  I'm really looking forward in my husband's return, I've miss him so much 3 months feels like 3 years for me...
That's all for now, I open tomorrow and will be working for 7 hours, ahhh its a long day again especially I'll be in the salesfloor oh well at least I'm off on Sunday then next week I only work Mon., Tues., and Wednesday.  I can't wait to just lay in my bed all day.  Goodnight peeps, don't forget to pray before going to bed. Have a blessed night you all!!!
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