Monday, August 13, 2012

Online Budget Tools

I recently joined a Facebook group couponers,  I was happy to be a part of this group, and excited to learn more about couponing.   I was curious how they got their stuff almost free, and I found out its because they used coupon every time they shop.  Basically they buy Sunday newspaper and that's how they get their coupons and there's also an insert like a catalog from kohls, red plum, smart source where you can find more savings and deals.  I am just starting to do this stuff and I still not that good with it.  Coupons are a big help especially if you live here in the states, because everything is expensive over here.  Even though I am starting to use coupons everytime I shop, I still have to watch my budget, for example my budget for food is $50 per week (just me) and for my shopping (clothes, shoes etc) is $100/ month, but I must admit I took advantage of the no tax last week and spend almost $300 in just one week.  It is so hard to stick to a budget , I know I suck when it comes to budgeting.
So happy I stick with my budget LOL

I really need a budget tools, its a good thing I found this budgeting software online.  Its a handy little accounting tool like mint but good for consolidation of finances and accounting services for small business.  If you need an online budgeting tools or bookkeeping software this tools is perfect for you.  These are the two important things that I learned when it comes to budgeting, use coupons when you shop and having an online budget software so I don't get scolded again by my husband if I get over budget with my shopping. I'm really glad I know how to budget our money now, with the help of this stuff.  How about you?  Do you have some budgeting tips? 

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