Sunday, August 26, 2012

Plan of Moving

Sorry if I did not post any article lately, its because my husband just arrived from working in Alaska.  Yes finally were back in each other arms again.  It feels so good to be with my husband and not to worry that we will be apart again, well not until next salmon season.  Anyhow my husband said that they did not have a good season this year, there's not a lot of fish this time compare last year.  But we are still so thankful to God, at least my husband job is still stable though its a seasonal, its a big help for us.  In my last article I mention about us buying a house, but I think its not a good time for us now to buy a house yet.  Last May we did look a house in Panama Park, and where just waiting till August come so we can gather the deposit but the house is already off the market, we are really frustrated because we really like that house so much.  So we are planning to just rent an apartment first for a year or so, in that way we have ample time to prepare collecting things that we need before moving to a house, like furniture and stuff.  We are looking to move in Riverside (downtown Jacksonville), its a very desirable place to live.

My husband always check Craigslist everyday to see if there's a new apartment that we're gonna like and so he found this one bedroom apartment in Riverside at $595/mo., this is a good price for an apartment, we did go and we see the apartment yesterday, and indeed the place is very nice and clean, the houses over there are like Spanish houses it reminds me of the houses of the rich people in the Philippines.  The only problem I see is the apartment is kinda old so it needs a little TLC, especially the windows.  Its a good thing I found out about this ICF, I get a lot of ideas how to repair some damage of the apartment that me and my husband can do by ourselves, so that we don't have to hire anyone to do it and spend a fortune.

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