Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Other Side of the Equation

It's not too often you get to hear from the husband on this blog anymore.  If you remember, I used to write the articles about the vintage ads, but I have my own blog now where I do most of my writing.  Over the summer I worked in Alaska as I have been doing for the past 5 years now but with one major difference, my wife was in the states this time unlike before when she was in the Philippines with her family.  Originally she was supposed to come up to Alaska and work in the same cannery as I do, but she got her job at Marshall's earlier this year and after talking it over we decided it was best for her to just stay in Florida while I went to work.

The reasons for this were varied, she was still adjusting to living in the states and for her to go to Alaska would have been complete and utter culture shock all over again.  It was also better for her to build up her resume by continuing to work in Marshall's.  So we bid eachother farewell with a hope in my heart that dad and my wife could get along while I was gone, which they did... after a fashion.  It was a hard 3 months to be gone from eachother this time.  I don't know what was different about it, perhaps the feeling that we were so much closer than before since she was in the states.  In the end I was very happy to get home so we could finally be with one another again.

So what changes were wrought by my wife living in the states?  It's been almost a year since she arrived and I have to say her English has improved drastically.  She still has many words to learn, but at this point listening to her speak I hear little difference from her and a native Floridian.  She still pines away at the loss of Filipino food, but turnabout is fair play.  When I first started living in the Philippines I bemoaned the loss of American food and she always told me, "Well, it's like that over here."  Now she's experiencing the other end of it, although I have to say that going to the Asian market and buying Filipino ingredients is much cheaper than any of the imported American goods I bought in the Philippines.  Over time I am sure she will get used to life over here but it is a long journey, one I well know having walked it myself.  Regardless,  I am here for her whenever she needs help with adjusting.

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