Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Stealing: The End is Near Meme, Part Two


Today we ripped off a blogger named Dark Trinity from the blog Sparking Beach. He states he got it from DA.. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Take the time to comment on other player's posts. It's a great way to make new friends! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The End is Near Meme, Part Two

That there's a santa claus lol

 My family in the Philippines
I was selling some hot bread in the crack of dawn when I was 8.

 I was doing laundry again.

It would be a noselift and skin surgery to get rid of my acne marks.

 I miss doing it.

 Being a Filipina?

 I would be very happy hahha.

 Actually 5, but I don't know if its still possible.

When I was young, and I did saw a falling star.

Hmmm sometimes.

Oh my too personal sorry.

 Yeah sure.


Pray and walk away.

 Here in Jumerika.

Not so much.


What is that?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Invest in Gold and Silver Coins

Gold and Silver Fever |

Today the US is experiencing economic problems, with  a lot of people are unemployed or underemployed (which means they have a job that can't pay their bills).  I've seen a lot of people giving up living over here, because they feel like they can't afford to live the American lifestyle anymore.  I don't blame them, I learn a lot from my 8 months of living here in the US, it is very expensive, you really have to have a full time job for you to survive and enjoy your life.  I can understand why my aunt and her family decided to leaved the USA for good and moved in the Philippines.  My aunt and her family was living in Wisconsin for 15 years but her husband feels that its cheaper to live in the Philippines, which is very true.  But the downside of it especially if you are a foreigner, its hard to find a decent job.  So her husband started to invest on gold and silver, when I was still in the Philippines, they showed me what gold bullion coins looks like.  And from that day I said to myself we should start to invest in gold and silver coins too,nnd my husband agrees with me.  We just have to work hard to be able to start to invest and maybe we can have peace of mind that we can still afford to retire when where too old to work.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Football Season Again!

Its September and its Football time again here in America.  The National Football League regular season begins the weekend after Labor day and ends in December.  Each team plays 16 games a17 week period, each week's games are played on Sunday afternoon with weekly games on Sunday night and Monday night and occasional games on Thursday night and Saturday night.  Here's a little bit of history for you, there's two kinds of football that they used to play back in the 19th century, which is rugby football and association football.  Both these games have their origin in varieties of football played in Britain.  It was Walter Camp the father  of American football  who instituted and changed the rule of football.  The popularity of college football grew as it became the dominant version of the sport in the United States for the first half of the 20th century.  Its not until in the 1920's when the American Professional Football Association was formed and after 2 years they change its name to the National Football League (NFL) and eventually became the major league of American football.

 We also played football in the Philippines, but the way we play its very different, as far as I remeber playing it when I was young we kicked the ball at a goal and run over a line.  Even though I'm not a big fan of football due to the obvious reason that I don't know how to watch it and how it was played.  I just like watching it sometimes because of Tim Tebow.  Anyhow my father in law and my husband loves football, they are a  big fan of gators of course.  Though I think gators suck sometimes, they never seem to win the games.  Well the other day they win against the Minnesota Vikings.  My husband actually won a bet against his co worker for 50 bucks.  A lot of people are doing the NFL Betting, especially with the gators winning the last time they played.  I can only wish I know how this game being played so that I can start betting too.  Maybe if its basketball then I can say I am a pro, because basketball is a famous game in our country and beside I used to do the scoring in our sub-div everytime we have a fiesta.  So I know how they play it and I can really say that I am good at watching it.  Well I gotta go now my husband is calling me to watch football, I think the gators are playing tonight, I can hear them cheering.

Blogger's Choice

My husband just join the Blogger Idol contest, and unfortunately his blog was not chosen to be one of the bloggers choice.  Blogger Idol is a contest like the American Idol, to see whose gonna be the famous blog.  They got a scoring system in place that is not a popularity contest, they will judge your blog by: likeability, appearance, appeal of the public, and many more.  The prizes are of course free exposure of your blog, the chance to meet new people, networking and the chance to stretch your writing skill and become a better blogger.

 We were a little bit dissapointed, when we find out his blog The Vintage Recipe, didn't win.  I was really expecting he could make it to the top 12 because his blog is unique from the other blog, he tackles vintage recipe and food.  So anyhow, how do make sure that our blog is appealing to the public?  Of course we have to right good quality content, I think my husband's blog got that.  His got a lot of followers too, not to mention his Facebook page has 1,600 plus likers now.  And he got a lot of pageviews compare to my blog. But I think because he was gone for 3 months to work in Alaska, so he didn't able to update his blog while he was there plus he just got a job so he didn't have time to write as much as he want.  I think that's one of the reason maybe the judges thought that his not updating his blog on a daily basis.   Anyhow my husband's was not discourage he still want to try and join next year and hoping he will get the coveted bloggers choice award.

I'm Back Folks

It has been a long time since I updated this blog,  I was quite busy working and spending time with my husband (he just return from working in Alaska) and at the same time we are also trying to find an apartment or a house for rent.  But I promise myself that I have to write an article at least like three times a week.  So hopefully I will stick to that :). Anyhow my husband finally got a full time job (Yey!), we were so thankful that after how many years of trying to find a job over here in Jacksonville, God finally answered our prayers and he is now working as a produce clerk in one of the retail store over here.  After all, the economy is still thriving but fighting, so its still possible you can get a full time job.   The downside of it is now that his working and I'm working also, our time is limited and we don't have a lot of free time anymore.  So if we both have a rest day together we really make it a point that we spend quality time.

My husband fresh from AK.
I'm gonna miss spending time with my husband, now that his working almost everyday.
I have a lot of things that I'm thankful of, first my husband's new job, second my brother who is in the Philippines finally got a job, he is working as kitchen crew in one of the fast food restaurant.  My sister is still works in the same company that shes been working for almost a year now.  My parents are good and healthy and of course my loving nephew Gabriell is doing good in school, he just got chosen as one of the participants in a quiz bee contest.  I am so proud of him, me and my husband both.  I feel like I'm not worth for all this blessings that God has showered us, because I didn't go to church for a long time now (like 3 months) and sometimes I can't even pray the rosary because I was too tired from work.  I know God is just there waiting for me to have time with Him.  Thank You God for all the blessings and guidance, we owe it all to You.

Cajun Linguine
Fresh oyster

Anyhow we take a day off together last month, and we had dinner at the one of the best seafood restaurant over here in Jacksonville. This is my third time eating at this restaurant, so far this is my favorite restaurant, I had tried their poached mussels, Cajun Linguine and gumbo, I also have a taste of there asian tuna.  My husband had buffalo wings, and it was the best, it was really delicious.  My father in law got his all time favorite raw oyster. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spanish Weather

It seems like currently there is a proliferation of weather sites on the internet, indeed it seems as if I could find a weather site just for my neighborhood.  However, as with most things in life, quantity does not translate into quality.  So what does one look for in a weather site to gauge the quality?  First it must be weather centric and not another arm of the news agencies.  Second it has to have quality forecasts, and third it can specialize in the weather of a specific area or country.

It is in my opinion then that Spanish Weather meets these 3 criteria effectively.   We have quite a few cruise ships that leave from Jacksonville and go trans-atlantic to Spain every week so it would be a great site to visit to see what the weather would be like for the duration of your trip.  Their site is designed to be user friendly with a menu with links to the weather in all the major Spanish cities and resort areas, including the British Crown Colony of Gibraltar.

I would like to take a trip to Spain next year since after all, Spain is the mother country of the Philippines, having owned it as a colony for over 400 years.  I do know that when I take my trip, I'll be using Spanish Weather to see if the weather will be nice and sunny for my trip.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Apartment Hunting Tales

We're going to be moving into an apartment soon since we have given up on the search for a house.  Nothing really strikes our fancy right now and at any rate we don't have enough money for a down payment.  Apartment hunting can be quite a chore though as we have been driving back and forth from where we live now to Riverside/Avondale downtown to look at places.  Every one we have looked at lately has been not our type of place and one place just smelled bad (old musty).  Also the cr is always in need of some bathroom accessories.  It's really horrible how the landlords of these places just don't take care of them as they should.  Windows that won't open, smells old or musty, bathrooms that are as bad as indoor outhouses, gosh it's so tiring to keep driving downtown to be dissapointed.  Well my husband was looking at another place today in Avondale, unfortunately I couldn't go because I have to work and my father in law will drive me to work so he can't go either.  I hope it's a good place though.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fill Your Interior Space With Havertys

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Havertys Furniture . All opinions are 100% mine.
When I got the opportunity to write about Havertys I was excited because this is a furniture store that I drive by almost all the time.  I have a location that is just down the road from me on Atlantic Blvd and I was always curious how they stacked up with the competition.  So I delved into their website and let me tell you it's easy at Havertys: Discover Something You love.  They have these interior design classes called Inspiration sessions where you can learn how best to arrange your home into something you love.  This is great because I'm moving into a new house soon and I'd like to be able to take the opportunity to learn something more about interior design.  On Sept 15th they have a class on how to design an entertainment space, so important with football season around the corner.
Perhaps I can talk my wife into making the living room a man cave.  Their next sessions are on Oct 13th about how to design a room around the seasons, in a session on Nov 10th they will focus on a winter color palette and finally on Dec 1st they will teach you about the all important finishing touches that make any room complete.  I admit, I'm a Luddite when it comes to room design.  A few chairs a TV table and side tables and voila I'm done.  This admittedly does not complete the picture and certainly doesn't make the best use of space.  So it's time to expand my horizons and learn how to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.
If you want more inspiration for rooms then you can follow Havertys on Facebook or Pinterest.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Importance of Customer Retention

When my wife and I lived in the Philippines we owned a small store selling dry goods and vegetables.  We built that store from the ground up and after opening we did our best to attract new customers and grow our business.  One thing that all of this taught me is the importance of customer retention.  It is ofttimes said that it takes more effort to attract a new customer than it does to retain a loyal one.  This is true in both time and money spent and such loyalty has it's own rewards as a loyal customer will be the best advertising you can get.  You don't have to pay for such advertising as a loyal customer will pass along their good experience at your store by word of mouth.

Now our store was a small scale operation, for larger operations it is important to have customer retention programs  such as those offered by  Kobie is well known in the arena of loyalty programs and has many of the biggest names in business as their clients.  They will be able to custom fit a loyalty rewards program to fit your business' needs so that you can concentrate on keeping your customers coming back again and again.  If advertising your business is a large part of your budget, then you should consider setting aside some of that for retaining the customers you already have.  In this economy it is important to keep your customers so that you can continue to drive sales.

The market is bad right now, we all know this so now is the time to start offering incentives to keep your customers coming back again and again.  A properly tailored customer loyalty program will do just that, offering a real incentive for the customer to shop with you again.  Furthermore, that customer will express by word of mouth, their happiness at your loyalty program to their friends, potentially driving more business to your doors than could be accomplished with advertising alone.  Everyone is looking for more "bang for their buck" these days and a loyalty program offered by Kobie will do just that for your customers.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fish Tacos

The other night we had Fish Tacos & Homemade flour Tortillas for dinner.  I have found I love Mexican food especially mexican cheese and anything spicy.  I haven't really had a chance to talk to you about all the ways I'm trying to save money, but cutting coupons is one of them.  I had a coupon for the Sargento Mexican Cheese which is why we use it with the Fish Tacos.  Sargento is a great company and has a good quality product that I can recommend.  One thing I am learning about being in the states is that cheap products mean cheap ingredients and an inferior product.  I know my husband has been telling me this for years but I'm only now beginning to listen.  You know how Filipinos are, always buy the cheapest thing and when it breaks get another.

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