Saturday, September 8, 2012

Apartment Hunting Tales

We're going to be moving into an apartment soon since we have given up on the search for a house.  Nothing really strikes our fancy right now and at any rate we don't have enough money for a down payment.  Apartment hunting can be quite a chore though as we have been driving back and forth from where we live now to Riverside/Avondale downtown to look at places.  Every one we have looked at lately has been not our type of place and one place just smelled bad (old musty).  Also the cr is always in need of some bathroom accessories.  It's really horrible how the landlords of these places just don't take care of them as they should.  Windows that won't open, smells old or musty, bathrooms that are as bad as indoor outhouses, gosh it's so tiring to keep driving downtown to be dissapointed.  Well my husband was looking at another place today in Avondale, unfortunately I couldn't go because I have to work and my father in law will drive me to work so he can't go either.  I hope it's a good place though.

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