Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blogger's Choice

My husband just join the Blogger Idol contest, and unfortunately his blog was not chosen to be one of the bloggers choice.  Blogger Idol is a contest like the American Idol, to see whose gonna be the famous blog.  They got a scoring system in place that is not a popularity contest, they will judge your blog by: likeability, appearance, appeal of the public, and many more.  The prizes are of course free exposure of your blog, the chance to meet new people, networking and the chance to stretch your writing skill and become a better blogger.

 We were a little bit dissapointed, when we find out his blog The Vintage Recipe, didn't win.  I was really expecting he could make it to the top 12 because his blog is unique from the other blog, he tackles vintage recipe and food.  So anyhow, how do make sure that our blog is appealing to the public?  Of course we have to right good quality content, I think my husband's blog got that.  His got a lot of followers too, not to mention his Facebook page has 1,600 plus likers now.  And he got a lot of pageviews compare to my blog. But I think because he was gone for 3 months to work in Alaska, so he didn't able to update his blog while he was there plus he just got a job so he didn't have time to write as much as he want.  I think that's one of the reason maybe the judges thought that his not updating his blog on a daily basis.   Anyhow my husband's was not discourage he still want to try and join next year and hoping he will get the coveted bloggers choice award.

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