Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fish Tacos

The other night we had Fish Tacos & Homemade flour Tortillas for dinner.  I have found I love Mexican food especially mexican cheese and anything spicy.  I haven't really had a chance to talk to you about all the ways I'm trying to save money, but cutting coupons is one of them.  I had a coupon for the Sargento Mexican Cheese which is why we use it with the Fish Tacos.  Sargento is a great company and has a good quality product that I can recommend.  One thing I am learning about being in the states is that cheap products mean cheap ingredients and an inferior product.  I know my husband has been telling me this for years but I'm only now beginning to listen.  You know how Filipinos are, always buy the cheapest thing and when it breaks get another.

One thing I really miss over here from the Philippines is the fish.  We used Cod in the Fish Tacos & Homemade flour Tortillas which I don't really like because to me it has no flavor.  My husband says it's because the fish is fresh and is from cold water but we never have cod in the Philippines so I don't know.  I can get frozen fish from the Asian market like moro-moro but it's so expensive.  I hope that I can find a fish in the US that I like soon.

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