Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm Back Folks

It has been a long time since I updated this blog,  I was quite busy working and spending time with my husband (he just return from working in Alaska) and at the same time we are also trying to find an apartment or a house for rent.  But I promise myself that I have to write an article at least like three times a week.  So hopefully I will stick to that :). Anyhow my husband finally got a full time job (Yey!), we were so thankful that after how many years of trying to find a job over here in Jacksonville, God finally answered our prayers and he is now working as a produce clerk in one of the retail store over here.  After all, the economy is still thriving but fighting, so its still possible you can get a full time job.   The downside of it is now that his working and I'm working also, our time is limited and we don't have a lot of free time anymore.  So if we both have a rest day together we really make it a point that we spend quality time.

My husband fresh from AK.
I'm gonna miss spending time with my husband, now that his working almost everyday.
I have a lot of things that I'm thankful of, first my husband's new job, second my brother who is in the Philippines finally got a job, he is working as kitchen crew in one of the fast food restaurant.  My sister is still works in the same company that shes been working for almost a year now.  My parents are good and healthy and of course my loving nephew Gabriell is doing good in school, he just got chosen as one of the participants in a quiz bee contest.  I am so proud of him, me and my husband both.  I feel like I'm not worth for all this blessings that God has showered us, because I didn't go to church for a long time now (like 3 months) and sometimes I can't even pray the rosary because I was too tired from work.  I know God is just there waiting for me to have time with Him.  Thank You God for all the blessings and guidance, we owe it all to You.

Cajun Linguine
Fresh oyster

Anyhow we take a day off together last month, and we had dinner at the one of the best seafood restaurant over here in Jacksonville. This is my third time eating at this restaurant, so far this is my favorite restaurant, I had tried their poached mussels, Cajun Linguine and gumbo, I also have a taste of there asian tuna.  My husband had buffalo wings, and it was the best, it was really delicious.  My father in law got his all time favorite raw oyster. 

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