Saturday, September 29, 2012

Invest in Gold and Silver Coins

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Today the US is experiencing economic problems, with  a lot of people are unemployed or underemployed (which means they have a job that can't pay their bills).  I've seen a lot of people giving up living over here, because they feel like they can't afford to live the American lifestyle anymore.  I don't blame them, I learn a lot from my 8 months of living here in the US, it is very expensive, you really have to have a full time job for you to survive and enjoy your life.  I can understand why my aunt and her family decided to leaved the USA for good and moved in the Philippines.  My aunt and her family was living in Wisconsin for 15 years but her husband feels that its cheaper to live in the Philippines, which is very true.  But the downside of it especially if you are a foreigner, its hard to find a decent job.  So her husband started to invest on gold and silver, when I was still in the Philippines, they showed me what gold bullion coins looks like.  And from that day I said to myself we should start to invest in gold and silver coins too,nnd my husband agrees with me.  We just have to work hard to be able to start to invest and maybe we can have peace of mind that we can still afford to retire when where too old to work.

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