Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spanish Weather

It seems like currently there is a proliferation of weather sites on the internet, indeed it seems as if I could find a weather site just for my neighborhood.  However, as with most things in life, quantity does not translate into quality.  So what does one look for in a weather site to gauge the quality?  First it must be weather centric and not another arm of the news agencies.  Second it has to have quality forecasts, and third it can specialize in the weather of a specific area or country.

It is in my opinion then that Spanish Weather meets these 3 criteria effectively.   We have quite a few cruise ships that leave from Jacksonville and go trans-atlantic to Spain every week so it would be a great site to visit to see what the weather would be like for the duration of your trip.  Their site is designed to be user friendly with a menu with links to the weather in all the major Spanish cities and resort areas, including the British Crown Colony of Gibraltar.

I would like to take a trip to Spain next year since after all, Spain is the mother country of the Philippines, having owned it as a colony for over 400 years.  I do know that when I take my trip, I'll be using Spanish Weather to see if the weather will be nice and sunny for my trip.

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