Saturday, May 26, 2012

Got My State Id!

Image from DMV

On my last post I talk about going to DMV to get my State Id.  Well I got it and it was so fast not even thirty days as what the dmv said, it only took one week from the day I applied.  Now that I have my State Id I feel like I'm really a legal resident now in Florida lol.  Anyhow state id is the next important Identification that you need to have next to your green card and Social Security card if you are a new immigrant.  I remember when I was still attending my English class that time, it was in a public library here in our place and one thing that our teacher required is to get a library identification card.  And I was having a hard time to get one because they were so strict, they don't want to give me a library ID unless I have a state id, even though I show them my permanent resident card (green card) and Social Security  card. Also if you want to open a bank account over here, the first requirement beside your green card is state id or drivers license, so its very important to get a state id or driver's license (if you know how to drive and pass the road test).
My state Id!!

Its a good thing I keep bugging my husband to go and get my state id.  The hardest thing to live over here is if you don't know how to drive, you are stuck in your house everyday of your life until you learn how to drive and  your just gonna end up always relying to your husband to drive you everywhere you wanna go.  So I'm really hoping that before the year ends my husband will be able to teach me how to drive, though he insist that I should enroll to a driving school because he thinks that his going to be to stress and he knows that I am too stubborn lol, that's why he doesn't want to teach me how to drive.  I don't know if I can do it, its scaring me to drive especially in the high way when the road is huge and there's a lot of traffic light.  This is my next challenge to myself if I pass the road test this year, that's gonna be my greatest achievement in my life here in the USA.  Okay folks, nice to get back to writing again, please excuse my grammar as my editor (my husband) is in Alaska working right now so please bear with my English :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facial Scrub For Men

You don't have to be as ridiculous as this old 1970's ad for Bacchus Cologne when it comes to face care but you certainly can't neglect it either.  When one thinks of facial scrub you usually think of women in green goop masks with cucumbers over their eyes whilst in the spa or some such nonsense but for men it is equally important that we have our own facial scrub routine.  Even if you don't get pimples your pores will love you if you incorporate a regimen of washing your face.

The best time to go about doing this is before you shave.  Now I know for many men out there your shaving routine is all inclusive of foaming some shave cream in your hand, smearing it on your face and then scraping it off with whatever disposable razor is at hand. Worse yet is those of you who choose to mow your face every morning with an electric shaver which does nothing but dry out your skin horribly.  There's much to be said about the old hot towel and soap & brush way of shaving.  It doesn't dry out your skin like modern shaving creams and electric razors do and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.  Failing in that though, you can always make use of a facial scrub that does the job and if you shave in the classic manner, performing a facial scrub beforehand ensures that your skin an beard are well prepared for you shaving. 

Incidentally, the artwork for this ad was done by Mort Kunstler, you may know him best as an accomplished historical artist who focuses on Civil War prints.

The is a sponsored post for the Art of Shaving, however, the views and opinions are my own.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Eye Exam Experience

Last week we went to see a doctor for my eye exam. At first we were hesitating to go because we know its gonna cost us a lot, and money is so tight right now that we can afford another spending. But my husband was determined to bite the bullet because I really need a new eye glasses and before I can buy one I need to do eye exam first. I blog about it before in my other post, you can check it again here. Anyway my 5 year old eye glasses was broken and we tried to fix it but sad to say its finally serve its purpose for years of wearing it since 2007 back when I was still in the Philippines. We went to the "Eye Doctor" just next to Publix here in Jacksonville, it was a good thing we went there because the doctor was nice and he is very professional, he did do a lot of test to my eyes with different machine that I forgot what it is called, it took one hour for the eye exam alone. After the exam he told me the result was perfect, I am healthy thank God, the doctor joke "there is no problem with my eyes only I can't see" LOL because I really need eye glasses so bad. He also added that it happens more to woman than man, he said they studied what is the cause for having a near sighted eye sight and they really can't find any answers, he even said that his wife has the same problem.

My prescription

So after the exam, they showed me to the other optometrist who is going to make my eye glasses.  Part of his job is to help me to choose what eye glasses is right for me. We were having a good time looking at the frames they have, they had a lot to choose that I was having a hard time deciding. They had one I like but when I saw the price of my gosh it was $500 just the frames. Anyhow after an hour I finally found what to get, perfect for my eye and the price is not that bad, not so cheap but not that expensive also: "as was the doctor says:" it is cheaper but very good quality.  So he said I can get my new eye glasses after one and a half week, they will give us a call so that I can try my new eye glasses. I hope I'm not going to regret getting my eye glasses from them because its not cheap its cost us almost $600 including the $120 eye exam of course we don't have insurance so that did not help also. I was dizzy when the doctor told me that price LOL, I told my husband why don't we try shopping online first, like the zenni eye glasses I read a lot of good reviews about it and its so affordable too. Anyway I am excited to try my new eye glasses, hoping for their call next week . I will post a picture and make a blog about it when its done.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Package Finally Came!

My package from Forever 21
My new addition to my girly stuff :)

 My package finally came yesterday after one week of waiting for it to arrive.  I was searching online about affordable make up and found the website "Forever 21".  They have a lot of interesting stuff like cosmetics, clothing, and many more.  I bought some make ups like my ever favorite eye shadows for only $2.50, pressed powder for $6.80, a cute dress for $13.50 and some more girly stuff .  Good thing I found a promotion code (coupon) online that saves me 10% and free shipping also.  I was so happy, my patience paid off because I only paid a total of $48.81: my total was supposed to be $59.88 including the shipping, so I saved more than 10 bucks thanks to the coupon online!  I wish they will have a clearance sale soon, I love their products its cheap but good quality like the shirt I got its only $5.99 but not made in china lol.  I was thinking of giving that shirt to my niece in the Philippines because its a little bit small for me and I will also give some of the make up I collected through the months I got here .  I know its the best gifts for a girl.  Hopelly I will never regret buying their make ups, will my husband says if I end up not liking it its kinda okay because its very cheap compare to the some cosmetics that I bought like the L'Oreal foundation I spend $13 for it and I end up not using it.  Oh well maybe I will just put them in the balikbayan box together with all the stuff I collected and send it on Christmas to the Philippines I bet my family and relatives will be happy with it.

take a look I save $11 thanks for the online coupon!!

Finally Went To DMV (To Get My State Id)

Receipts from DMV
 Yesterday my husband finally took me to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to get me my state id,  I have been waiting for so long to do this, put we  keep putting it out until yesterday.  When we got there its already one in the afternoon, so my husband was expecting it to be full, but we were happy to see its just dozen's of people waiting for their number to be called.  Good thing they have a plasma TV over there to keep us entertain while waiting for our turn, my husband says  its a flat screen tv though.  Anyhow after a couple of minutes its finally my turn, so I went to the counter where my number called, I give all my documents which is my green card, social security card, statement of accounts and some post mail from the USCIS.  We wait for a couple of minutes again while she check my documents and enter my information on her computer and after that she told me that it will take thirty days for my state id to arrive in the mail, and I said wow okay that's fine, I think I don't have any choice, though we were expecting that I get my Id on the same day.  Maybe its varies on a state, because my husband says when he is still in Maryland the processing took a day and you can get your Id on the same day.

Anyhow State Id is important for Immigrants like me, because you need it to set up bank accounts, though I was lucky the bank did not us for state Id that time when my husband wants to add my name in his bank account.  Also when you apply for a job they will ask if you have a  driver's license or a state Id.  So its very important especially to those who are in a K1 visa (non-immigrant) because they have to do Adjustment of Status first before they can have their green card, so they don't have any legal or should I say proper Identification card.  Anyhow I paid $36.25 for my state id, including the service fee of $6.25 and if you pay with your debit or credit card they will charge you $2.00 fee and no fee if you pay with your check.  If you want to get your state id just visit this site DMV.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pipe Busts Up Home!

So proclaims the small comic in this 1930's ad.  Pipe smoking used to be much more popular than it is now, but the popularity is coming up again as the cost of cigarette smoking has been on the rise due to more and more taxes being levied against smokers.  As a matter of point, it takes me going to a tax advisor to get my taxes done now since the rules have become so convoluted that the common man can no longer hope to know all of them.

As for the ad, Sir Walter Raleigh reigned under the rule of Prince Albert during the vintage era.  I prefer Prince Albert if I have to go the route of drug store tobacco but my ultimate favorite was always the long lost Edgeworth.  Edgeworth has been elevated to near legendary status because it is no longer available.  There are substitutes to be sure, but there is no real replacement for the original.

Searching For Perfection

1922 Perfection Stove Co.

I know I haven't written for a long time but springtime work around the home can be rather demanding.  I've literally spent many a day outside re mulching the flower beds, cutting through a forest of weeds and repairing the fence and gate as well as replanting plants in the gardens, and installing some commercial playground equipment for the local park.  I also finally received my orders for Alaska and I'm being dispatched on May 24th so I feel the crunch to get things done around the house before I leave and dad will be dealing with things on his own. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Girly Stuff

In my six months since I arrived here in Florida I still can't find the cosmetics that is good for my skin type.  I tried everything that I thought that's good for my skin, but in the end I was dissapointed.  The skin care that supposed to work for me in the Philippines doesn't work anymore over here in the US, maybe because of the weather, here it is very dry so even though I have oily skin I also do get dry skin especially in my legs.  Its a good thing right now its summer because its hot and humid I can finally sweat lol.  The one thing that I regret buying is the Elizabeth Arden Vitamin C serum that cost me almost 40 bucks and doesn't work for me.  Anyhow I hope my husband is not reading this one or else his gonna kick my butt for spending $40 that I didn't like or not using it.  I found out about  skincare and I want to give it a try, because they have a lot of good reviews that I read online.  Oh I mentioned before in my old post about having a problem of my hair because I couldn't find a shampoo and conditioner that works for me, will me and my husband discovered the great effects of using Apple Cider Vinegar, yes! that's what I'm using for my conditioner right now Apple Cider Vinegar, you use it as a conditioner after shampooing  your hair, and your hair will feel smooth and light.  Right now I don't have falling hair anymore.  I promise I will make a post about the good effects of taking Apple Cider Vinegar soon.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Arcadius The Great Horse

Picture from cbsnews

Did you hear about this horse name Arcadius who died after winning  the $150,000 race in Nashville Tennessee?  When I was reading the news online, I feel so bad that he died like that.  Maybe he was sick and not physically fit to be in the race, I just hope the owner was taking care of him.  I have such soft spot for animals that's why every time I read something or saw on line about animal cruelty I couldn't help but feel so bad for them.  I am a pet lover ever since I was a kid.  Right before Arcadius(the horse) died, he won six races back in 2008.  He was 8 years old when he died last Saturday, the doctor said Arcadius succumbed from a heart attack and possible aneurysm.  Anyhow I was thinking maybe his rider was wearing his not so lucky riding pants maybe that's why they were unlucky that day.  If you want to read the full article you can go here.

A&P Ad From 1943

Here we have an ad from 1943 for A&P Supermarkets.  A&P was short for The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (Phew that's a mouthful).  They have been around since the mid 1800's but their run came to an end last year when the company finally went bankrupt and was sold off to I don't know whom during the dissolution.  I love the pictures in these old ads,  people just don't dress like this anymore, not to go to the store... hell you can't even get them to dress nice for a wedding let alone going to the market.  It's interesting also to think about what it's like to be a cashier back then since there were no barcode scanners.  Everything was keyed into the old style registers and tallied and paid for.  My grandfather shopped at A&P until the day he died.  I think it's just because he could collect his S&H Green Stamps but it was also because he used to flirt with the cashiers... hahaha.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Gardening

One of my flowers in the porch.

Last week  me and my husband went to a garden store just a couple miles to our house.  If you've been following my blog we have a swimming pool that we turn into a pond. We throw some fishes into it, and until right now I'm so happy to say that there's still swimming and there getting big, so it means the water is clean enough for them to survive. One thing we need is water lilies for the pond, this garden store that we went to has a lot to offer, they have everything you need when you want a garden or a fish pond and they are more cheaper than Lowes.  They did have a lot of lilies but we end up buying some plants and flowers and some pots too.  One plant that I bought is some kind of red plants, and some tulip flowers.  I hope it will really survive once we replanted it in another bigger pot.  Right now our porch does look good because I put all the plants and flowers to make it look livelier and it smells good too because of all the flowers blooming this spring.  And I also bought some snake plants, though I was having second thought of buying it because it was not cheap compare to the Philippines price of course what do I expect lol.  In the Philippines you can just get it everywhere for free, I even have a lot of it growing enormous in my Mom's garden.  Now that my husband is going to Alaska to work for the summer, its my responsibility to take care of the house and everything his taking care of while he was still here.  I just hope I can be able to take care between the ponds and my plants together while I'm working.  I guess I just need to multitask and manage my time very well.

Off To Alaska Again...

This will be my 5th season working for Peter Pan seafoods.  It was originally planned that my wife would come along with me to work up there, but since she found a job here in Florida we decided she better keep it and stay here.  So once again I pack up my carhartt coveralls and other clothes and bid adeiu to to Jacksonville for the next 3 months.  Last year it rained all summer long in Dillingham and I hoping the weather will be a little more temperate this time around.  Of course it's Alaska so I'm not expecting much but one can always hope.  I learned yesterday that my good friend who I worked with last summer is coming back this year so at least I know who I'm working with this year and don't have to break in a new security partner.  See you all when I get back...

Friday, May 11, 2012

A 1920's Lamp With Flourescent Lighting

  My wife isn't too keen on antiques, on the other hand I love them. It's an object of contention between us but since I am faced with buying all the furniture and accents for an apartment I have made the decision to buy vintage or antique wherever possible. I really dislike new manufacture items. Cheaply made imported from China crap that lacks the attention to detail that used to be put into items made 50 years ago. Also, in many cases you can find the antique stuff cheaper than new. That's being frugal in 2 ways, less cost for higher quality, how can you lose? In this case the lamp can be used with florescent lighting to save money on electricity.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ad: United Fruit Company

1916 United Fruit Co.

At one time steamships plied the waters all over the world bringing freight and more often, passengers to their destinations.  We take it for granted today that we step into an airplane which speeds down the runway and whisks us off to our destination.  In 6 1/2 hours I can go from Anchorage, Alaska to Houston, Texas.  However there was a time not so long ago that travel took longer and was more relaxed, more glamorous.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thinking Of Having A Business Online

A lot of my friends right now has a business online,  some of them sells stuff on eBay, while others have their own website:  they sell a lot of merchandise like clothing, shoes, and many more.  I was thinking of doing the same thing also while I'm still looking for a second job, I wanted to try having a business online, and I'm thinking selling Avon products because my friend say's she earn something plus you have a discount as  a dealer.  Before I can do all of this I need a website first and I wonder how much its gonna cost me, good thing my friend found this link about building a website called ecommerce services, they not just build your website but they also do full range like internet marketing and may more to help you start with your business online.
While I was searching online about beauty products, you know I do search online first what is the best make up or cosmetics that is good for me, I always bump into this l'occitane stuff, this is what I found that it is a beauty product based in France, they used authentic and natural ingredients basically its organic.  I can't wait to try this stuff, I love everything that's organic.  Now I only have to research which l'occitane store sells the affordable and genuine products.  I am still confused what to used for my make up and skin care over here, as you all know I just came here 6 months ago, I already tried drugstore brand to not so cheap brand like Elizabeth Arden but I still can't say that its worth the penny I spend. I guess I will have to try and try again until I found the one that's good and works for me.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Baltimore Trust Company

Baltimore Trust Company Advertisement 1930

OK back to writing about something fun.  We have here a 1930 ad for the Baltimore Trust Company located in Baltimore, Maryland.  The body of the ad outlines all the reasons why Baltimore is the best choice for locating your business, mostly the best deep water port on the East Coast.  Times have changed since this ad was printed and the importance of physical location has given way to web presence.

Choosing the proper website hosting like Site 5 is every bit as important now as choosing what city to locate your factory in was back in 1930.  The considerations of railroads and ports has transmuted into bandwidth and server load and can make choosing a web based hosting service a nightmare.

Since most websites are a 1 or 2 man show the decision on a web hosting service must be made after careful consideration.  Luckily we have user reviews now to compare servers and make the best choice.  Ofttimes, the best generator of business is word of mouth, and listening to other users experiences with web hosting companies can help us narrow down the choices.

The Whippet

In my various wandering across the web I found this old ad for a Whippet Fedora made by Stetson.  Whippets were first introduced in the 1940's and became wildly popular until the 60's when decreased sales spelled an end to the design.  This particular ad is from about 1950 and advertises the Whippet as being $10.  Wish I could still find them for that price!  Stetson reintroduced the Whippet design last year (although not in the natty green color above) but the price is now $168.  It's always interesting to do a cost comparison between then and now but what really counts is how much do  you have to work to buy the same thing?  In 1950 the average wage was $3.08/hr so you could buy the hat after 4 hours of working.  The average wage in Jacksonville in 2011 is $9.50/hr so I'd have to work 18 hours to buy the hat today!  Here's a few other comparisons:

What 1 Hour of work bought....

                 in 1950                                                     in 2011

         10 lbs beef                                                    3 lbs beef
         30 packs cigarettes                                       2 packs cigarettes
         20 Streetcar rides                                          9 Bus Rides
         17 Gallons gas                                              3 Gallons Gas

To buy a house took 3 years of working in 1950, in 2011 it was 8 years.
To buy a car was 13 weeks in 1950, in 2011 it was 40 weeks.

Seems like today we are working more for less while the government squeezes us like jobst compression stockings for every tax dollar they can get from us.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back To Losing Weight Again

 Summer is almost here and everybody's going to the beach.  I love going to the beach also but I wanted to look great this summer to be able to wear a 2 piece swimsuit.  Even though over here in the US everybody's wearing bathing suit and they don't care if they look good in it.  I mean even old folks still wears swimsuit.  That's why I really wanted to lose weight, I don't know how many times I tried but still can't go back to the body I want.  I am only 5 foot tall so its not good if I keep gaining weight.  I first gain weight when I meet my husband, because he is a good cook I guess that's why I gained so much weight.  Anyway last Friday I bought a yoga mat from Marshalls, to get me started to do yoga again.  It is proven for me that yoga helps you  in losing weight.  I really want to lose some weight especially in the harder areas like the belly.  I have to stop eating I guess is the first answer lol.  Its not helping that here all the food is delicious and there's a lot of option too and my husband's is always cooking dinner so good luck for me.  I hope I can make it, I just want to trim some of the weight, my goal is to lose 10 lbs. though I already lose 3 lbs since I arrive in November.  Now I wanted to lose weight and to keep it, so I focusing myself on eating healthy and get rid of the junks food and limit my soda intake.  I do research a lot so anytime I wanna do something I always goggle it,  I stumble upon this link healthy trim side effects and they have a lot's of safe diet pills to help me lose weight fast.  I have to think of it a hundred times though because I really despise taking pills and I'm scared of the side effects.

Just Hanging Around...

It's been hectic around here lately and we really haven't had as much time to devote to the blog as we would like.  I'm now in my last month before I go away to Alaska to resume my job as a security guard.  My wife will be staying behind in Jacksonville to continue with her job and of course to take care of our pets.  We have 2 cats and a dog that belongs to my stepmother that we take care of when she goes out of town.  Taking care of your pets is an important thing .  They have alot of good information on how to take care of your furry friends and they also sell products that are designed to keep your pets at their best.  You want your dog to have a nice shiny coat and good teeth and if you have a cat you want to keep them healthy.  Sometimes this information is hard to come by so stop my the website above and learn what it takes to keep your pet healthy so they'll be with you for years to come.
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