Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Go, Go, Grow! With The Gardenieres

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(1) Miracle-Gro
I don't have alot of time to devote to yardwork but since it's Florida if I don't make time everything will get out of hand quickly... i.e. weeds as tall as the house and all my carefully planted flowers coming to a dried out ruin.  It's a good thing that there's miracle grow to help me with my fall planting needs.
This Gardenieres video helped insipre me in my path to a newer garden.  What inspiration did it give you may ask?  Don't plant invasive plants no matter how pretty they may look in the spring.  No really, I'm serious, my apologies to miracle grow but I don't find myself with unlimited time to my hands to hang out of windows trimming the wisteria or shaping the verge.  What miracle grow can help me with is maintaining a stress free garden of plants that need little to no attention save watering.  Miracle grow garden soil provides just the right base for my plants to grow strong healthy roots and lovely blooms.  With the application of some liquafeed they can attain truly gorgeous proportions and have the neighbors turning their heads in awe.  With one days work and miracle grow I can turn the bare patch at the front of the house into a fall display of color.
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Affordable Health Insurance

A lot of people is not happy with the Supreme Court upholding the Obamacare  "known as The Affordable Care Act" right now, and that includes my husband and me, though I still have to learn about the laws over here in the states,and I heard a lot about Obamacare and the only thing that I know that is just another way to tax people and that is not optional.  So what is Obamacare?  From Wikipedia:  Obamacare is The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), is a United State federal statue signed into law by President Barack Obama on march 23, 2010. Obamacare requires adults not covered by employer- or government-sponsored insurance plans to maintain minimal essential health insurance coverage or pay a penalty, a provision commonly referred to as the individual mandate. The Act also affects certain aspects of the private health insurance industry and public health insurance programs, requires insurance coverage of pre-existing conditions, and seeks to extend coverage to 30 million uninsured Americans. The Congressional Budget Office projected it will both lower future deficits and Medicare spending. And this is including us, me and my husband doesn't have health insurance yet, so from what I understand Obamacare is not optional, its like their forcing people to do it.  But a lot of people that thinks that it is right, so how about you what do you think?

Anyhow I'm not here to talk about dirty politics, I'm here to talk about health insurance, that it is so hard if you don't have insurance.  When my glasses broke we didn't have a choice but to buy a new one.  But in order to get a new eye glasses I have to go through eye exam first, which is not cheap, so we bite the bullet and did go to the eye doctor and did it all without any insurance.  We end up paying $537 for my new eyeglasses including the eye exam, my frame is not cheap because I am near sighted and I believe my left eye has astigmatism.  But I like my new eyeglasses, I think its worth it.  I just hope we can afford to have a health insurance soon or my husband can find a full time job that offers a free insurance.  I was searching online about affordable health insurance, and one thing I found out that before you can even have insurance they will have to do a health check on you, especially if its a life insurance you're talking about. So a lot of people right now is looking for affordable health insurance, well good luck to them.

My new glasses

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My first birthday in the US!

My husband's Filipino style spaghetti
 Yesterday was my 32nd birthday, and yes it was my first birthday here in the US.  At first we were planning to cooked a lot of food but then we realized we didn't have any visitors, its a good thing my mother in law showed up for the dessert even though it was raining so hard yesterday.  My husband ask me what do I want for him to cook for my birthday, I told him I want some Filipino dishes, so he go and went shop for the ingredients while I clean the house.  My husband ended up making Filipino style spaghetti, Lumpia (egg rolls), fried chicken and also baked my birthday cake.  I help him with doing the prep and I cooked the main ingredients for the lumpia so that its ready for wrapping.  I was frustrated because I got the wrong wrapper,which was the Vietnamese egg roll wrapper, but its a good thing its turn out good when we start to fry it.

simple birthday dinner
It was a tiring day because of all the preparations and cooking that we do (husband did a lot of cooking, I just help him), and all of a sudden we got a call back about an apartment that we saw online and we have to break and go take a look at it.  It was located in downtown so its an hour drive back and forth.  Anyhow we did have fun celebrating my birthday, although I wish my family (in the Philippines) was here with me, I bet they will really enjoy all the foods my husband cooked.  The spaghetti was good also, my husband did it really like its a filipino style, he did bought a quezo de bola and it really taste good, and he also put some hotdogs hehe, I loved it! 
My birthday cake Butterscotch cake with Butterscotch Icing

A toast for more birthdays to come!
Finally it was time to blow the candle, so they gather up for me my husband, father in law and my step mother in law to sing  me  a happy birthday, I was so touched because they sing it form their hearts the only missing is my family in the Philippines and my birthday would be complete.  I got a birthday greeting card from Cathy my mother in law, she was so sweet she inserted some cash also.  If not for my husband effort's to cook even though he still have to work early the next day, my birthday will not be possible.  I am very thankful to God for another year of my life, thank You Lord God for all the blessings and guidance, thank you for giving me such a wonderful husband like my husband.  Thank you for my new family here in the US they are a blessing for me and my husband.  Thank you for giving me a loving family who always supports me and always think of me even though we are thousand of miles away from each other, I could still feel their love and prayers for me.  All in all I enjoyed my birthday and hopefully this Christmas we will celebrate it in our new apartment.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Sling

A lot of my friends are pregnant right now,  the one friend that I actually meet last year, we were together for our flight on the way over here, she is due to give birth this last week of October.  I am so excited for her, and of course she is very thankful to God that her pregnancy is healthy and she had no major problems.  Because before she had a miscarriage when she was still in the Philippines and I know how hard and painful it was for her.  But now she's just waiting for a few more weeks and she's gonna have their bundle of joy.  I saw on her Facebook that she just had a baby shower, and she had a lot of gifts from her friends.  I was gonna give her baby ring sling but we both so busy.  Maybe next time she will get pregnant again I will definitely make it sure to send her some baby gifts.
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