Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Help The People Affected By Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

Hello my avid friends and followers of this blog, I know its been a long time since I wrote something, my apology, we were just so busy between working and moving.  Speaking of moving, yes we finally found an apartment that is closer to our works, it really a big help for me since I don't have a car (and a license) yet.  I used to ride the bus to get to work everyday and I didn't miss commuting/taking the bus for 4 hrs. back and forth just to get to work. And also my husband doesn't have to drive 60 miles everyday to get to his work.  Thank God for my new job, we were able to find a nicer apartment though its just a one bedroom apartment, but me and my husband were so glad we found this apartment.

Anyhow, I know all of you are already aware or have watch the news lately that my country the Philippines has been hit with another typhoon and this time the strongest typhoon worldwide since 1969 (category 5), they say stronger than Katrina.  So you can only imagine the cause and the destruction it made, 10,000 people are feared dead and 700,000 of homes had vanished or badly damage cause by the storm surge. Tacloban City in Leyte where the typhoon made a landfall has the worse damages, a lot of people died, drown, some still missing, some buried alive under their houses. Cebu, Samar, Iloilo and the rest of Visayas are also affected.  It's just so sad we didn't expect the damages is gonna be like this bad, but I'm still thankful to God that Davao City were I came from and where my family lives was not affected though they are experiencing a lot of rain now due to the tropical depression Zoraida.

Swagbucks and GlobalGiving has put together a fund that will go toward recovery efforts in all areas impacted by the storm.  This money provides food, fuel, shelter, and more for victims of the storm.  The Swag Bucks you donate will be turned into a cash donation, given directly to the GlobalGiving Foundation-Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund project.

Philippines needs your help, if you are a member of Swagbucks like me you can help by donating your SB (swag bucks points) every 1 sb  you donate is equal to $ 0. 01. And every bit can help save a life, feed and help shelter someone who lost their home or help rebuild badly damage-damage infrastructure.  And for all the people that doesn't have Swag Bucks you can still donate thru Philippine Red Cross website just google it and make sure its the real and not bogus website.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving to a Small Town

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers
I’m not sure about this moving to a smaller town thing. When my husband and I first met it was at work and we both lived within the Dallas city limits. When we got married we moved into a condo in downtown and I absolutely loved it – I could walk to two coffee shops and the dry cleaner was in our building! Now that I’m pregnant my husband told me we had to move out to the suburbs because he was not going to raise a kid in the city. It was the kind of thing I wish I had thought about before we’d gotten married because I would have liked to have had a really serious discussion about it but we’re in the situation now and there’s not a lot I can do about it. Anyway, he wants to move to Hamilton because that’s where his family is so I’ve found myself searching Zillow for homes there and looking up things like Electric companies in Hamilton. I guess I just didn’t realize it was going to upend our life so much to move out here to the burbs but I know in the long run it’s the right thing to do for our unborn son. Especially since I want to have at least 2 more kids I know it’s going to be hard for me to give a good reason for us to live in a high rise! I loved being in Dallas and I’m going to miss the restaurants and the night life and all that. But I know that being a mom is going to change all that anyway so it’s not the worst thing in the world…hopefully I’ll be able to meet more people in my stage of life in our new neighborhood and start a whole new life. I’m going to work from home 3 days a week so I can stay home with our son and we’ll see if I get bored sooner rather than later!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Married Life

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Getting married is the biggest change that I’ve ever been through, but I can’t wait to be a Mrs! Our wedding is next month and I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to get ready for this wedding and also trying to settle into Dallas. I love that my fiancĂ© makes enough that I don’t have to work right now and I can just focus on getting our house set up. I’ve been researching Dallas electricity companies and trying to find someone to make curtains for the first floor since there aren’t any blinds and you can see right in! My husband-to-be is really focused on being environmentally friendly and also saving money so I’ve been working on ways to accomplish both. I think I’m going to surprise him by planting an herb garden out back which I know he’ll find delightful. We actually don’t live together yet and won’t until the wedding so I’m living in this big house all by myself. I sometimes get scared at night when I hear noises and whatnot but I know soon enough my husband will live here too and I’ll finally have the home I’ve always wanted! This house is a great “starter” home for us but it will also serve once we have kids for a few years. I don’t know that we can raise our family here long term because it’s just not big enough but for a while it will do. It’s got 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms which is more than enough, they’re just on the small side and there’s not enough yard for kids to really enjoy playing in. The dog seems to love having a fenced inyard, though, so for now that’s making me happy! We aren’t going to have kids anytime soon so we can enjoy this house for a few more years yet before we even need to think about moving. I can’t wait to get married and start our new life!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Just Joined Smiley360

I Just Joined Smiley360: I just became a Smiley360 member! Discover and review exciting brands for free, too! Sign-up at http://bit.ly/lTDqVw #smileymember *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Miss Working

Its been exactly 2 months since I stop working at my job, I sure do miss it especially having a paycheck every two weeks hahah.  I have to stop working due to my hand injury and unfortunately because of it my manager have to let me go because I'm not in good health to do my job anymore, its the corporate decision so my manager can't do anything .  I can always apply again according to the corporate/HR but of course they can't assure my position, so what I did is I did not apply again, I don't want to restart my training when I was almost done with my probation, though that job is paying me good compare to my other job before, I must admit it is very stressful and I was thinking all of these happen for a reason and it is a blessing in disguise, and that this job is not worth all the stress and hassle especially its so far from were we live right now, the job was not just for me.  Two weeks ago, my husband had an injury also, when he was working, he slipped on a carpet and went face down on a tile banging up his knee and skinning his elbow, its a good thing he didn't break anything thank God.  But because of that, they have to cut his hour and he missed work for couple days (not paid) because his knees was swelling and the doctor wanted him to rest for days.  I don't know the laws over here, but I think they should pay my husband when he was resting for 2 days, of course they shoulder all the expenses from the doctor's check up but my husband lose 2 days of salary and that hurt our budget.  If only we can afford to hire a lawyer like a Personal Injury Lawyers so that we can now our rights as an employee and ask about a workman's compensation.  I guess its okay, all that matters is my husband is in good health now, back to work again, just overworked, tired and exhausted but his doing good.  Thank God for a responsible husband, may You always bless and guide him.

Slowly but surely

Its been 4 weeks now that I've been working out again, I go back to my exercising again, doing yoga and zumba for at least 2- 3 times a week .  I really like it especially yoga, its relaxes my mind and body after doing it.  I only wish I have a Muscle Stimulator, so that its easier for me to build my muscle, as we know if you have muscle its harder to gain weight. I was thinking to buy some exercising machine, so that I have a motivation everyday to exercise and it would be easier for me too.  I saw some online, like this website LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator, they have a variety of things that you need, and if you need TENS Units for muscle pain they have that too. You can  Visit LGMedSupply Online for more info.  It important for me to exercise, not just to achieve good health but for reproductive health also.  For all of you who doesn't know, I have been diagnosed with PCOS "polycystic ovarian syndrome", its a hormonal imbalance thing, its a pretty common for women in child bearing age.  There's a lot of type's of PCOS, a majority of women's who has PCOS is obese or overweight and they have diabetes or high blood pressure or they have thyroid problems.  Luckily for me I don't have all of these, and I'm very much thankful to God, except that I am overweight with some acne (but it gotten better since I arrive here in US).  My only problem is my menstruation is not normal, I have a problem of ovulating every month that's why I have a hard time getting pregnant.  I hope this is the start a good thing for me, and I will be able to exercise and have a motivation to do it at least 3-4 times a week.  I also start brisk walking too, I think its fun and refreshing.  What about yo?  Do you have some health problems, and what did you do to cure it?

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Help Will Do

The last time I blog about applying for an Unemployment Benefits now called Reemployment here in Florida, I was so frustrated because the process was so long and complicated that I almost give up and say to heck it with and just forget about it.  To all of you who doesn't know what unemployment insurance is, it is a joint-step federal program that provides cash benefits to eligible workers.  Unemployment insurance payments are intended to provide temporary financial assistance to unemployed workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own, meaning you got fired from your job but its not your fault or there's no misconduct on your part.  Each state sets its own additional requirements for eligibility, benefits amounts, and length of time benefits can be paid.  Also you should have worked for at least a year, that's one of the requirements before you can apply for a benefit.  The benefits is based on a percentage of your earnings over a recent 52 weeks period but depends on every state, so you should check with your state first before applying for a benefit.  And also benefits are subject to federal and most state income taxes and it must be reported on your income tax return.  We are lucky we don't have state tax in Florida lol.  Anywho after almost a month of waiting I finally got my unemployment benefits, last week I got paid for the first time, so I am very thankful that I did not lose hope and still continue claiming my weeks online.  I have to say thank you also to the agent who handle my case, he keep telling me to continue filing and claiming my weeks for my benefit.  Thank you Mr. Troy of DOE.

Its not really a lot of money, its like half of my paycheck when I was still working, but its a big help for me right now.  And I am thankful to God for it, even though the economy is going down hill but there's still hope I know, especially for the people that help themselves.  I hope I can find a real job soon, one that I like and I would love.  Its not easy to receive unemployment benefits, before you can file your weeks you have to show them that you were looking and applied for a job, and it has to be five each week.  So imagined you have to do these until you can find a job.  Its not fun at all but of course you can't get anything easy and  free.  But I'm not complaining just feel bad the other people who abused the government right now, I see a lot of people on EBT or Snap, I don't have a problem with it as long as you deserve it, but a majority of what I see there still very healthy and not disable so meaning they can still work but just lazy? Hmmm

Monday, March 25, 2013


In my last article I mentioned about applying for unemployment benefits since I lost my job, (now called Reemployment), I don't know why they called it reemployment  when its not easy to get a job on their website, I mean I didn't even get a single call for a job interview.  Anyway I just got in the mail today two letters from them, they called it determination letter, one is stating my benefits are payable because my quitting for the job is due to health reason, (even though I did not quit, they discharge me with no misconduct grr) but the other letter says I am disqualified to get my 3 weeks of unemployment because under Florida law I failed to complete a full work registration which means I did not posted a resume in their website which I was not aware of it.  I called them and the agent told me I can still file an appeal and I can still claim my weeks which I told him why do I still need to claim my weeks when I'm am disqualified.  Then he explained that I am only disqualified for 3 weeks and after that I have to wait for another one week which is the non paying week under the Florida law(grrr) and after that if I continue claiming my weeks they will still pay me.  I was like, maybe if the time comes they decided to pay me, I have a job already then it will be useless because obviously I can't get the money because I am working again, in short I'm disqualified..
Yeah I am very frustrated right now with their laws right now, lets just see what's gonna happen... I need more patience Lord please guide me!

The Dreams of Every Woman

Every woman's dream is to have a child of their own, to be pregnant with a healthy and beautiful child.  I wonder what's the feeling of an expecting mother?  I bet its very exciting and overwhelming, carrying your child for the whole nine months is not easy but they say its worth it once you see your little bundle of joy.  I don't know if I can experience all of these, because I'm one of the unlucky victim of having a PCOS, its a hormonal imbalance that make it hard for the woman to be pregnant.  But with our advance technology right now, there's always a possibility that you can still get pregnant easily, there's a lot of pills, medicine that you can  take with the prescription with your doctor of course, and will help you to ovulate and you can be pregnant.  There's female egg donation website that I found online, this is a big help to a lot of couple that has a hard time getting pregnant, a lot of people especially over here in the US there okay with it, but I think its nor for me at least not now.  If you're financially stable there's also an egg bank, where you can buy a frozen egg, they call it frozen egg technology.  If you're interested you can  search it online, you can find a lot of website about this.  I wonder how they do it, and I hope the one donating  is healthy and a good person. 
Sometimes I felt jealous, especially when all my friends whom I grew up with have three or five kids already and I myself didn't even have one of my own.  My mom keep bugging me if I am already expecting, since I got married for almost six years now, so I can't blame them if they feel antsy of becoming a grandparents already. Even though they have one grand kid from my sister, and also my brother's girlfriend is pregnant right now, they still want to see me having a baby soon.  I can only hope, I'm still not losing faith and hope that I will be a mother soon. I owe it all to our Lord.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Castle Dental Will Give You a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

Guest post by Lorraine P

A healthy and beautiful smile begins with properly cared for teeth. While brushing and flossing at least twice a day is important to good oral health, it is also recommended that a person see a dentist every six months. Regular dental checkups will not only keep teeth clean, but these checkups can be extremely important when it comes to detecting dental issues. If you live in Houston, Texas and would like to keep your smile healthy and looking good, you need to call or visit your local Castle Dental.

With locations all around Houston and a variety of other Texas cities, Dental is a houston, tx dentist office that can give you the dental care you need to keep your smile healthy and bright. At Castle Dental, they make it super easy for anyone to get a variety of dental treatments. They handle a variety of dental treatments that include cleanings, root canals, extractions, fillings, and a variety of cosmetic and orthodontic procedures that are certain to give you a smile you can be proud of. Through years of experience and a desire to help people just like you get a healthy and happy smile.

Regular dentist appointments are important to the health and appearance of your smile. Because of this, you will want to be sure you get proper dental care. At Castle Dental, they can give you the proper dental care you need for a truly beautiful smile. If you have been putting of a trip to the dentist office, do not put it off any longer. Instead, have your teeth taken care of by an experienced and knowledgeable dental professional at Castle Dental.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bits and Pieces (Update of my Life)

My bruised poor finger!
Its been exactly one month since I lost my job, yes I am officially unemployed right now.  Its a long story but I will try to explain everything, so here's what happen... I can't still forget what happen that day, It was raining so hard, I was gonna get the umbrella in our garage, I was in a hurry because I don't want to miss the bus and its still a long walk to the bus stop.  But I guess that day was my unlucky day or I know its my fault, I was being stupid lol. What happen is I slammed my right fingers in the garage door! I know its hurts like hell, and I screamed for 3 hours, its really that painful .  It happen so fast, what I remember is I didn't grab the handle to close the garage door because it was wet and icky so I grabbed from the inside instead accidentally doing so between two panels.  When I pulled they close and I panicked right away that rather pushing up the door I pulled my hand free doing even more damage.  So fast-forward, after that day we went to the doctor, and found out the bad news that I broke some of the bones in the tip of my finger.  The doctor splinted my ring and middle finger and advises me to continue to wear the splint even when I'm working.  Now here's the crucial part, they don't (HR/Corporate) want me to go back to work with my condition, and to make it more even worse, I can't have a leave because I'm still on my 90 days probation, so my manager have to let me go even though its not my fault and I can't get a workman's compensation because I was not hurt on the job.  But they give me a consolation by saying I can apply again but of course they can't assure my position back.

That is blood under my nails at first I thought it was just dirt.

Wearing Splint to heal the bones.
Me and my husband talked about it, if its really worth it if I go back to my job again.  I mean I loved my job and I was happy with it but being a floater I was always closing and my husband always works in the morning so he have to pick me up everynight and he has still to work early the next day.  If only the bus here are reliable there will be no problem for me going home at night.  We think its a blessing in disguise that these happen to me, my husband said that it save his sanity not having to pick me up every night anymore.  Though I missed working over there, I think its a little bit stressful for us, especially for my husband with our different shift.  But one thing for sure I would miss having a pay check every two weeks lol. 
Right now I am applying for unemployment benefits but boy its not easy!  I fell like a camel going trough the needles eye lol its hard.  But I will find out on Monday if I get approved or not. 
On the lighter side I found an English class that I can attend that is not so far away from where we lived, at least I can meet some friends and talk to different people.  Just have to be patient and soon maybe I can find another job that is just close to where I lived so that I wont have a problem commuting  anymore.  Oh tomorrow is Palm Sunday, don't forget to bring your palms before going to church.  Happy Weekend!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dream Beach Houses

When I was young I always dream of having a house next to a beach even if its just a simple house made of woods as long as its close to the beach.  I love living in  simple houses, you know like a nipa (made of bamboo) hut kinda house. But its funny right now I think my dream was partially came true because aside that we're living in Florida, my father in-law's house where we live right now is very close to the beach.  My husband brought me once to that beach but the water is still too cold to swim so I did not really enjoy it.  Right now we were thinking to buy a smaller and affordable house, even though we are so attached to this house that we are living now.  I already love this house in the few months that I stayed here, but its up to my father in law to decide it his house, his been living over here with his family for 20 years so I know its not easy for him.  Anyway my husband always look online to find a house for us, sometimes when we go out I always open my side of the window so that I can see and  reads all the signs and advertisement of houses for sale or foreclosure house.  You can always see a lot of ads like Beach Luxury Homes and  houses for sale, I can only dream we can afford to buy this expensive house, right now we are satisfied with our small apartment even if we have some small problems like the electricity is expensive.
What about you, what state and city do you live? Do you think its cheaper or affordable over there than here in Florida?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Camping Tips And Ideas

When I was younger I used to be a Civil War Reenactor.  One of the things I loved about reenacting besides the living history was the camping.  I was never a Boy Scout but I certainly loved camping ever since I was a kid and my grandfather gave me a boy scout tent.  I used to set it up in the backyard and play for hours.  Later, as a Civil War Reenactor the camping was quite a bit more rustic than the enclosed tents with bug screens and bright fluorescent lamps that people drag along on camping trips nowadays.  We slept in pup tents with open sides and on top of a gum blanket with a single wool blanket as our cover.  Not so bad in the summertime but cold as heck in the late fall at the Cedar Creek reenactment.

Now that my wife and I are set up in the USA I'd love to take up camping again as it is something that we couldn't do in the Philippines. They have parks over there but they lack the facilities that national parks have in the USA.  Here we can enjoy a wide vista of parks to camp in and it's certainly cheaper than staying in a hotel.  If you're new to camping then get involved, there's a wide variety of websites with Tips On Trips And Camps so you see how best to get started with a very rewarding hobby.  I'm not sure how my wife will like going out into the wild and "roughing" it for a weekend, but I am certainly excited to try.

BrSpiritus is the Sr. Editor of The Vintage Recipe Blog

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Crazy Over Peanut Butter

Who doesn't love peanut butter?  Peanut butter is everybody's favorite, with its creamy, crunchy and sweet taste, no one can't resist!  What is peanut butter?  It is a food paste made primarily from dry ground peanuts, it is mainly used as a sandwich spread.  It is very popular in North America, other part of the country and of course in the Philippines.  My husband's a peanut butter lover too, he loves to eat  peanut butter jelly, he can eat it until he get sick of it..  He told me its like a staple food for them, when he was young that's all they can afford to buy before, bread and peanut butter plus jelly so its like a meal for them already.  But unfortunately not for me, I think I'm not really a big fan of peanut butter its not that I don't like it, because I think I'm used to the peanut butter in the Philippines that its fresh, you can buy it after they made it so the taste is very simple and natural no other flavors but just peanut and its not so sweet too. And beside its very cheap its like a dollar for a small cup.  The only problem if you eat so much peanut butter is because its creamy so the oil from it can get you into trouble with all the calories and extra fat that your body doesn't need, of course we all know too much of a good thing is bad for us.  My husband is a little overweight so I always tell him not to eat a lot of peanut butter, of course he doesn't listen, its his favorite.  I keep looking around for a peanut butter alternative that is healthier but still taste like peanut butter, until I stumble upon this PB2. PB2 powder is a powdered peanut butter with lower carbohydrates and no chemicals.  It is healthier because 90 percent of fat is removed from the peanut, so the oil is squeezed out from the roasted peanut and what remain is a peanut powder that contains about 180 calories, compare to 250 calories from a regular peanut butter spread.  Time to go and head on to the grocery to try this PB2 powder and find out for myself if its worth a try and if my husband will love them too.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Home Loans

  Before we had our own apartment, me and my husband used to live with my father in-laws house. I wrote an article about it a couple of times here in my blog. It is a nice 3 bedroom house with a swimming pool, but I didn't have a chance to enjoy the pool when I first arrived here in the US because my husband decided to make it as a fish pond, due to the fact also that the pool got neglected. Anyhow my father in law first bought that house 20 years ago,with his wife and two daughters,until his two girls moved out and went to college and his wife moved out also after a couple of years. Until 2010, my husband come to a conclusion that he doesn't want to live in the Philippines anymore, and my father in law was so kind to let him stay on his house while waiting for me to finish the processing of my visa. Finally after 7 months of processing and a year and a half of not seeing each other, I got my visa and flew right away to the US. So from that time, we stayed in my father in-laws house for almost a year, it was so nice of him, he let us stay in his house for free of course beside the food and some basic commodities that's in our shoulder.

 At first we had a planned of buying the house, because that time my Father in-law still paying the mortgage and he said that the house is too big for him and too hard to maintain. But it turns out that we can't afford the monthly mortgage of the house so we ended up renting an apartment. We tried to apply for a house loan but we give up because its too complicated with all the paper works they want and you have to have a good credit score too. My father in-law seeks a lot of advice from his attorney on how to reverse his mortgage to be able to save his house and not declare bankruptcy, because his been paying the mortgage for 20 years and losing it is gonna break his heart, the house is part of his life, he had a lot of beautiful memories that I know he doesn't want to give up that house. Its just so sad that he can't find any way to get a loan or refinance it. If only we can help money wise but we are also poor, we just live as they say overhere "live paycheck to paycheck", just enough to pay the bills and have food in the table.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine's Date Plan

Its February and that means Valentines Day is quickly approaching, me and my husband was planning to go somewhere else to celebrate Valentines Day to be different.  We want it to be simple and memorable and at the same time easy on our budget.  I wanted to go back in St. Augustine to spend our Valentines date over there again, yes we went there last year but did not really enjoy it a lot because it was not plan so well and it was just a short trip due to the reason that we have to work after that day.  That time we spend almost $200 just in one day, but I think its worth it because I love St. Augustine it remains me of Cebu one of the city in my home country.  I love their church and their restaurant, I just love the ambiance over there.  But then I also want to go to the beach, I really miss swimming and smell the ocean air that relaxes you.  Maybe we will go Daytona beach.  I heard their beaches are lovely and has pure white sand, unlike our beaches over here in Jacksonville its kinda filthy, I mean the water is fine I like it but the surroundings are messy garbage are everywhere and the sand is not white.  That's one of the thing I miss in the Philippines, our beautiful paradise like beaches.  Or I maybe its wise just to stay in the house, enjoy the air conditioning in the apartment, now that the weather is getting hotter and watch a movie all day and just have a simple candle light dinner .  What do you think?

It still depend on my husband if he agrees with me, I rather spend our Valentines day on the beach.  And I know now is a perfect time to go because the weather is not that cold  and not too hot either.
I also found a good deal on a dinner date for two on Valentines Day, I found it online and I think its a steal because its just $40 good for 2 person in an expensive french restaurant here in Jacksonville.  But I know were gonna pay more that, that's for sure, especially if its Valentine's were gonna go overboard with food and desserts. Now I'm confused which one to choose for our Valentine's date, I wanted it special and memorable but at the same time not expensive. Special because officially this would be our first Valentine's that were going to celebrate since I arrived here in the US, since last year we did not really celebrate it due to financial reason, so now that we both have a job we wanted to treat ourselves.  I think we both deserve it, especially my husband his been working a lot, between his job and picking me up after I work because I don't have  a license yet, I know his very tired at the end of the day that sometimes we argue because his tired and I'm tired but what important is we know deep in our heart we can't live without each other. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Back!

Hello there! I know its been a long long time since I have written on this blog, sorry for not updating it for a couple of  months.  We were just busy between moving and the holidays plus I just got a new job and so I was just so overwhelmed with so many things happening in our life right now that I didn't  have time to update my blog and for that I hope you will forgive me, but I'm glad that you still support my blog I know this because I still receive some comments and page views and that I am very thankful.  Okay first of all I would like to say Happy New Year to all my readers(though its very late, but better late than never)!  Hope you had a great and safe New Year celebration.  We did too but its very different because this time it just the two of us (as before we celebrate it with my father in law) and also we are both working the day before the New Year so were both tired and my husband just bought  ham and that's our dinner for that night, and I  also had 13 fruits, I followed the Philippines tradition of celebrating the New Year, if you have 13 fruits in your table it means goodluck for the the whole year.

Anyhow let me update you with what's going on with our life since November.  We finally found an apartment hooray! Yes we have our own apartment, for some of my followers who doesn't know we were living with my father in law's house for almost a year before we found this apartment.  My husband got a car (used),then he got a full time job at the one of the upscale grocery here in Jacksonville, after two months I also got a job (Part time) in the same company where my husband works, so I decided to leave my other job because I was thinking its not worth the commute that I have to take, it will take me 4 hours from the house to get me to work. I have to take 3 buses and I was thinking I don't get pay as much so its not worth it anymore now that I have found a better job.  Okay let me tell you a lil bit about my new job, I' am a Floater, basically I float between 3 departments: in Floral, Bulk and Coffee & Candy, hopefully I will pass my test because I'm still on my 30 days probation right now. I must admit this is a harder job compare to my other job which is retail, this job is more stressful and stricter.  Plus I have 3 department manager that I have to deal with but I'm starting to love it, it just overwhelming when you have to work 7 -8 hrs shift, but hey I can't complain because usually my shift is only 4- 5 hrs unless if they will put me on grocery which I don't like but its extra hours so I'm not gonna complain.  I'm just crossing my fingers and with a lot of prayers and strength I will be okay.  Thank You God for all the blessings, we owe it all to You.
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