Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Back!

Hello there! I know its been a long long time since I have written on this blog, sorry for not updating it for a couple of  months.  We were just busy between moving and the holidays plus I just got a new job and so I was just so overwhelmed with so many things happening in our life right now that I didn't  have time to update my blog and for that I hope you will forgive me, but I'm glad that you still support my blog I know this because I still receive some comments and page views and that I am very thankful.  Okay first of all I would like to say Happy New Year to all my readers(though its very late, but better late than never)!  Hope you had a great and safe New Year celebration.  We did too but its very different because this time it just the two of us (as before we celebrate it with my father in law) and also we are both working the day before the New Year so were both tired and my husband just bought  ham and that's our dinner for that night, and I  also had 13 fruits, I followed the Philippines tradition of celebrating the New Year, if you have 13 fruits in your table it means goodluck for the the whole year.

Anyhow let me update you with what's going on with our life since November.  We finally found an apartment hooray! Yes we have our own apartment, for some of my followers who doesn't know we were living with my father in law's house for almost a year before we found this apartment.  My husband got a car (used),then he got a full time job at the one of the upscale grocery here in Jacksonville, after two months I also got a job (Part time) in the same company where my husband works, so I decided to leave my other job because I was thinking its not worth the commute that I have to take, it will take me 4 hours from the house to get me to work. I have to take 3 buses and I was thinking I don't get pay as much so its not worth it anymore now that I have found a better job.  Okay let me tell you a lil bit about my new job, I' am a Floater, basically I float between 3 departments: in Floral, Bulk and Coffee & Candy, hopefully I will pass my test because I'm still on my 30 days probation right now. I must admit this is a harder job compare to my other job which is retail, this job is more stressful and stricter.  Plus I have 3 department manager that I have to deal with but I'm starting to love it, it just overwhelming when you have to work 7 -8 hrs shift, but hey I can't complain because usually my shift is only 4- 5 hrs unless if they will put me on grocery which I don't like but its extra hours so I'm not gonna complain.  I'm just crossing my fingers and with a lot of prayers and strength I will be okay.  Thank You God for all the blessings, we owe it all to You.

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