Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Camping Tips And Ideas

When I was younger I used to be a Civil War Reenactor.  One of the things I loved about reenacting besides the living history was the camping.  I was never a Boy Scout but I certainly loved camping ever since I was a kid and my grandfather gave me a boy scout tent.  I used to set it up in the backyard and play for hours.  Later, as a Civil War Reenactor the camping was quite a bit more rustic than the enclosed tents with bug screens and bright fluorescent lamps that people drag along on camping trips nowadays.  We slept in pup tents with open sides and on top of a gum blanket with a single wool blanket as our cover.  Not so bad in the summertime but cold as heck in the late fall at the Cedar Creek reenactment.

Now that my wife and I are set up in the USA I'd love to take up camping again as it is something that we couldn't do in the Philippines. They have parks over there but they lack the facilities that national parks have in the USA.  Here we can enjoy a wide vista of parks to camp in and it's certainly cheaper than staying in a hotel.  If you're new to camping then get involved, there's a wide variety of websites with Tips On Trips And Camps so you see how best to get started with a very rewarding hobby.  I'm not sure how my wife will like going out into the wild and "roughing" it for a weekend, but I am certainly excited to try.

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