Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine's Date Plan

Its February and that means Valentines Day is quickly approaching, me and my husband was planning to go somewhere else to celebrate Valentines Day to be different.  We want it to be simple and memorable and at the same time easy on our budget.  I wanted to go back in St. Augustine to spend our Valentines date over there again, yes we went there last year but did not really enjoy it a lot because it was not plan so well and it was just a short trip due to the reason that we have to work after that day.  That time we spend almost $200 just in one day, but I think its worth it because I love St. Augustine it remains me of Cebu one of the city in my home country.  I love their church and their restaurant, I just love the ambiance over there.  But then I also want to go to the beach, I really miss swimming and smell the ocean air that relaxes you.  Maybe we will go Daytona beach.  I heard their beaches are lovely and has pure white sand, unlike our beaches over here in Jacksonville its kinda filthy, I mean the water is fine I like it but the surroundings are messy garbage are everywhere and the sand is not white.  That's one of the thing I miss in the Philippines, our beautiful paradise like beaches.  Or I maybe its wise just to stay in the house, enjoy the air conditioning in the apartment, now that the weather is getting hotter and watch a movie all day and just have a simple candle light dinner .  What do you think?

It still depend on my husband if he agrees with me, I rather spend our Valentines day on the beach.  And I know now is a perfect time to go because the weather is not that cold  and not too hot either.
I also found a good deal on a dinner date for two on Valentines Day, I found it online and I think its a steal because its just $40 good for 2 person in an expensive french restaurant here in Jacksonville.  But I know were gonna pay more that, that's for sure, especially if its Valentine's were gonna go overboard with food and desserts. Now I'm confused which one to choose for our Valentine's date, I wanted it special and memorable but at the same time not expensive. Special because officially this would be our first Valentine's that were going to celebrate since I arrived here in the US, since last year we did not really celebrate it due to financial reason, so now that we both have a job we wanted to treat ourselves.  I think we both deserve it, especially my husband his been working a lot, between his job and picking me up after I work because I don't have  a license yet, I know his very tired at the end of the day that sometimes we argue because his tired and I'm tired but what important is we know deep in our heart we can't live without each other. 

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