Monday, March 25, 2013


In my last article I mentioned about applying for unemployment benefits since I lost my job, (now called Reemployment), I don't know why they called it reemployment  when its not easy to get a job on their website, I mean I didn't even get a single call for a job interview.  Anyway I just got in the mail today two letters from them, they called it determination letter, one is stating my benefits are payable because my quitting for the job is due to health reason, (even though I did not quit, they discharge me with no misconduct grr) but the other letter says I am disqualified to get my 3 weeks of unemployment because under Florida law I failed to complete a full work registration which means I did not posted a resume in their website which I was not aware of it.  I called them and the agent told me I can still file an appeal and I can still claim my weeks which I told him why do I still need to claim my weeks when I'm am disqualified.  Then he explained that I am only disqualified for 3 weeks and after that I have to wait for another one week which is the non paying week under the Florida law(grrr) and after that if I continue claiming my weeks they will still pay me.  I was like, maybe if the time comes they decided to pay me, I have a job already then it will be useless because obviously I can't get the money because I am working again, in short I'm disqualified..
Yeah I am very frustrated right now with their laws right now, lets just see what's gonna happen... I need more patience Lord please guide me!

The Dreams of Every Woman

Every woman's dream is to have a child of their own, to be pregnant with a healthy and beautiful child.  I wonder what's the feeling of an expecting mother?  I bet its very exciting and overwhelming, carrying your child for the whole nine months is not easy but they say its worth it once you see your little bundle of joy.  I don't know if I can experience all of these, because I'm one of the unlucky victim of having a PCOS, its a hormonal imbalance that make it hard for the woman to be pregnant.  But with our advance technology right now, there's always a possibility that you can still get pregnant easily, there's a lot of pills, medicine that you can  take with the prescription with your doctor of course, and will help you to ovulate and you can be pregnant.  There's female egg donation website that I found online, this is a big help to a lot of couple that has a hard time getting pregnant, a lot of people especially over here in the US there okay with it, but I think its nor for me at least not now.  If you're financially stable there's also an egg bank, where you can buy a frozen egg, they call it frozen egg technology.  If you're interested you can  search it online, you can find a lot of website about this.  I wonder how they do it, and I hope the one donating  is healthy and a good person. 
Sometimes I felt jealous, especially when all my friends whom I grew up with have three or five kids already and I myself didn't even have one of my own.  My mom keep bugging me if I am already expecting, since I got married for almost six years now, so I can't blame them if they feel antsy of becoming a grandparents already. Even though they have one grand kid from my sister, and also my brother's girlfriend is pregnant right now, they still want to see me having a baby soon.  I can only hope, I'm still not losing faith and hope that I will be a mother soon. I owe it all to our Lord.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Castle Dental Will Give You a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

Guest post by Lorraine P

A healthy and beautiful smile begins with properly cared for teeth. While brushing and flossing at least twice a day is important to good oral health, it is also recommended that a person see a dentist every six months. Regular dental checkups will not only keep teeth clean, but these checkups can be extremely important when it comes to detecting dental issues. If you live in Houston, Texas and would like to keep your smile healthy and looking good, you need to call or visit your local Castle Dental.

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Regular dentist appointments are important to the health and appearance of your smile. Because of this, you will want to be sure you get proper dental care. At Castle Dental, they can give you the proper dental care you need for a truly beautiful smile. If you have been putting of a trip to the dentist office, do not put it off any longer. Instead, have your teeth taken care of by an experienced and knowledgeable dental professional at Castle Dental.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bits and Pieces (Update of my Life)

My bruised poor finger!
Its been exactly one month since I lost my job, yes I am officially unemployed right now.  Its a long story but I will try to explain everything, so here's what happen... I can't still forget what happen that day, It was raining so hard, I was gonna get the umbrella in our garage, I was in a hurry because I don't want to miss the bus and its still a long walk to the bus stop.  But I guess that day was my unlucky day or I know its my fault, I was being stupid lol. What happen is I slammed my right fingers in the garage door! I know its hurts like hell, and I screamed for 3 hours, its really that painful .  It happen so fast, what I remember is I didn't grab the handle to close the garage door because it was wet and icky so I grabbed from the inside instead accidentally doing so between two panels.  When I pulled they close and I panicked right away that rather pushing up the door I pulled my hand free doing even more damage.  So fast-forward, after that day we went to the doctor, and found out the bad news that I broke some of the bones in the tip of my finger.  The doctor splinted my ring and middle finger and advises me to continue to wear the splint even when I'm working.  Now here's the crucial part, they don't (HR/Corporate) want me to go back to work with my condition, and to make it more even worse, I can't have a leave because I'm still on my 90 days probation, so my manager have to let me go even though its not my fault and I can't get a workman's compensation because I was not hurt on the job.  But they give me a consolation by saying I can apply again but of course they can't assure my position back.

That is blood under my nails at first I thought it was just dirt.

Wearing Splint to heal the bones.
Me and my husband talked about it, if its really worth it if I go back to my job again.  I mean I loved my job and I was happy with it but being a floater I was always closing and my husband always works in the morning so he have to pick me up everynight and he has still to work early the next day.  If only the bus here are reliable there will be no problem for me going home at night.  We think its a blessing in disguise that these happen to me, my husband said that it save his sanity not having to pick me up every night anymore.  Though I missed working over there, I think its a little bit stressful for us, especially for my husband with our different shift.  But one thing for sure I would miss having a pay check every two weeks lol. 
Right now I am applying for unemployment benefits but boy its not easy!  I fell like a camel going trough the needles eye lol its hard.  But I will find out on Monday if I get approved or not. 
On the lighter side I found an English class that I can attend that is not so far away from where we lived, at least I can meet some friends and talk to different people.  Just have to be patient and soon maybe I can find another job that is just close to where I lived so that I wont have a problem commuting  anymore.  Oh tomorrow is Palm Sunday, don't forget to bring your palms before going to church.  Happy Weekend!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dream Beach Houses

When I was young I always dream of having a house next to a beach even if its just a simple house made of woods as long as its close to the beach.  I love living in  simple houses, you know like a nipa (made of bamboo) hut kinda house. But its funny right now I think my dream was partially came true because aside that we're living in Florida, my father in-law's house where we live right now is very close to the beach.  My husband brought me once to that beach but the water is still too cold to swim so I did not really enjoy it.  Right now we were thinking to buy a smaller and affordable house, even though we are so attached to this house that we are living now.  I already love this house in the few months that I stayed here, but its up to my father in law to decide it his house, his been living over here with his family for 20 years so I know its not easy for him.  Anyway my husband always look online to find a house for us, sometimes when we go out I always open my side of the window so that I can see and  reads all the signs and advertisement of houses for sale or foreclosure house.  You can always see a lot of ads like Beach Luxury Homes and  houses for sale, I can only dream we can afford to buy this expensive house, right now we are satisfied with our small apartment even if we have some small problems like the electricity is expensive.
What about you, what state and city do you live? Do you think its cheaper or affordable over there than here in Florida?
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