Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bits and Pieces (Update of my Life)

My bruised poor finger!
Its been exactly one month since I lost my job, yes I am officially unemployed right now.  Its a long story but I will try to explain everything, so here's what happen... I can't still forget what happen that day, It was raining so hard, I was gonna get the umbrella in our garage, I was in a hurry because I don't want to miss the bus and its still a long walk to the bus stop.  But I guess that day was my unlucky day or I know its my fault, I was being stupid lol. What happen is I slammed my right fingers in the garage door! I know its hurts like hell, and I screamed for 3 hours, its really that painful .  It happen so fast, what I remember is I didn't grab the handle to close the garage door because it was wet and icky so I grabbed from the inside instead accidentally doing so between two panels.  When I pulled they close and I panicked right away that rather pushing up the door I pulled my hand free doing even more damage.  So fast-forward, after that day we went to the doctor, and found out the bad news that I broke some of the bones in the tip of my finger.  The doctor splinted my ring and middle finger and advises me to continue to wear the splint even when I'm working.  Now here's the crucial part, they don't (HR/Corporate) want me to go back to work with my condition, and to make it more even worse, I can't have a leave because I'm still on my 90 days probation, so my manager have to let me go even though its not my fault and I can't get a workman's compensation because I was not hurt on the job.  But they give me a consolation by saying I can apply again but of course they can't assure my position back.

That is blood under my nails at first I thought it was just dirt.

Wearing Splint to heal the bones.
Me and my husband talked about it, if its really worth it if I go back to my job again.  I mean I loved my job and I was happy with it but being a floater I was always closing and my husband always works in the morning so he have to pick me up everynight and he has still to work early the next day.  If only the bus here are reliable there will be no problem for me going home at night.  We think its a blessing in disguise that these happen to me, my husband said that it save his sanity not having to pick me up every night anymore.  Though I missed working over there, I think its a little bit stressful for us, especially for my husband with our different shift.  But one thing for sure I would miss having a pay check every two weeks lol. 
Right now I am applying for unemployment benefits but boy its not easy!  I fell like a camel going trough the needles eye lol its hard.  But I will find out on Monday if I get approved or not. 
On the lighter side I found an English class that I can attend that is not so far away from where we lived, at least I can meet some friends and talk to different people.  Just have to be patient and soon maybe I can find another job that is just close to where I lived so that I wont have a problem commuting  anymore.  Oh tomorrow is Palm Sunday, don't forget to bring your palms before going to church.  Happy Weekend!

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