Monday, March 25, 2013


In my last article I mentioned about applying for unemployment benefits since I lost my job, (now called Reemployment), I don't know why they called it reemployment  when its not easy to get a job on their website, I mean I didn't even get a single call for a job interview.  Anyway I just got in the mail today two letters from them, they called it determination letter, one is stating my benefits are payable because my quitting for the job is due to health reason, (even though I did not quit, they discharge me with no misconduct grr) but the other letter says I am disqualified to get my 3 weeks of unemployment because under Florida law I failed to complete a full work registration which means I did not posted a resume in their website which I was not aware of it.  I called them and the agent told me I can still file an appeal and I can still claim my weeks which I told him why do I still need to claim my weeks when I'm am disqualified.  Then he explained that I am only disqualified for 3 weeks and after that I have to wait for another one week which is the non paying week under the Florida law(grrr) and after that if I continue claiming my weeks they will still pay me.  I was like, maybe if the time comes they decided to pay me, I have a job already then it will be useless because obviously I can't get the money because I am working again, in short I'm disqualified..
Yeah I am very frustrated right now with their laws right now, lets just see what's gonna happen... I need more patience Lord please guide me!

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