Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dream Beach Houses

When I was young I always dream of having a house next to a beach even if its just a simple house made of woods as long as its close to the beach.  I love living in  simple houses, you know like a nipa (made of bamboo) hut kinda house. But its funny right now I think my dream was partially came true because aside that we're living in Florida, my father in-law's house where we live right now is very close to the beach.  My husband brought me once to that beach but the water is still too cold to swim so I did not really enjoy it.  Right now we were thinking to buy a smaller and affordable house, even though we are so attached to this house that we are living now.  I already love this house in the few months that I stayed here, but its up to my father in law to decide it his house, his been living over here with his family for 20 years so I know its not easy for him.  Anyway my husband always look online to find a house for us, sometimes when we go out I always open my side of the window so that I can see and  reads all the signs and advertisement of houses for sale or foreclosure house.  You can always see a lot of ads like Beach Luxury Homes and  houses for sale, I can only dream we can afford to buy this expensive house, right now we are satisfied with our small apartment even if we have some small problems like the electricity is expensive.
What about you, what state and city do you live? Do you think its cheaper or affordable over there than here in Florida?

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