Monday, March 25, 2013

The Dreams of Every Woman

Every woman's dream is to have a child of their own, to be pregnant with a healthy and beautiful child.  I wonder what's the feeling of an expecting mother?  I bet its very exciting and overwhelming, carrying your child for the whole nine months is not easy but they say its worth it once you see your little bundle of joy.  I don't know if I can experience all of these, because I'm one of the unlucky victim of having a PCOS, its a hormonal imbalance that make it hard for the woman to be pregnant.  But with our advance technology right now, there's always a possibility that you can still get pregnant easily, there's a lot of pills, medicine that you can  take with the prescription with your doctor of course, and will help you to ovulate and you can be pregnant.  There's female egg donation website that I found online, this is a big help to a lot of couple that has a hard time getting pregnant, a lot of people especially over here in the US there okay with it, but I think its nor for me at least not now.  If you're financially stable there's also an egg bank, where you can buy a frozen egg, they call it frozen egg technology.  If you're interested you can  search it online, you can find a lot of website about this.  I wonder how they do it, and I hope the one donating  is healthy and a good person. 
Sometimes I felt jealous, especially when all my friends whom I grew up with have three or five kids already and I myself didn't even have one of my own.  My mom keep bugging me if I am already expecting, since I got married for almost six years now, so I can't blame them if they feel antsy of becoming a grandparents already. Even though they have one grand kid from my sister, and also my brother's girlfriend is pregnant right now, they still want to see me having a baby soon.  I can only hope, I'm still not losing faith and hope that I will be a mother soon. I owe it all to our Lord.

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