Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Miss Working

Its been exactly 2 months since I stop working at my job, I sure do miss it especially having a paycheck every two weeks hahah.  I have to stop working due to my hand injury and unfortunately because of it my manager have to let me go because I'm not in good health to do my job anymore, its the corporate decision so my manager can't do anything .  I can always apply again according to the corporate/HR but of course they can't assure my position, so what I did is I did not apply again, I don't want to restart my training when I was almost done with my probation, though that job is paying me good compare to my other job before, I must admit it is very stressful and I was thinking all of these happen for a reason and it is a blessing in disguise, and that this job is not worth all the stress and hassle especially its so far from were we live right now, the job was not just for me.  Two weeks ago, my husband had an injury also, when he was working, he slipped on a carpet and went face down on a tile banging up his knee and skinning his elbow, its a good thing he didn't break anything thank God.  But because of that, they have to cut his hour and he missed work for couple days (not paid) because his knees was swelling and the doctor wanted him to rest for days.  I don't know the laws over here, but I think they should pay my husband when he was resting for 2 days, of course they shoulder all the expenses from the doctor's check up but my husband lose 2 days of salary and that hurt our budget.  If only we can afford to hire a lawyer like a Personal Injury Lawyers so that we can now our rights as an employee and ask about a workman's compensation.  I guess its okay, all that matters is my husband is in good health now, back to work again, just overworked, tired and exhausted but his doing good.  Thank God for a responsible husband, may You always bless and guide him.

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