Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vesta Talent Agency


Everyone is talented in their own way, just take a look at "Reality" TV if you don't believe me.  With the abundance of shows on every kind of person imaginable perhaps you can see my point of view.  The bigger question is how do these people get noticed in the first place?  Well the answer may surprise you, because it's through talent agencies like Vesta Talent Agency.

I guess my favorite actor would have to be Vhong Navarro.  I always like the guy who is the comedian and all around funny.  The first date my husband took me on was to see Agent X-44 in the cinema and Vhong was the lead actor in that movie.  While that was in the Philippines, we live in the US now and I think it would be great to have a show about a Filipina moving to the USA.

It's been a tough work to get adjusted to life over here and there are many things I think that American take for granted about life over here.  Perhaps the adjustment of a foreign wife would be a great basis for a reality tv show.  It would give me the opportunity to show off my greatest talent, budgeting money lol. Maybe Vesta Talent Agency will notice me.

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